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Hyun net first round of successful financing 10 million yuan

January 14, 2009, the first round of successful financing body network. Access to the first round of 10 million funds from domestic private capital. The success of the net body financing, but also in the economic crisis in the Internet industry in the first 09 years of the new year to obtain private equity financing of e-commerce companies.

Hyun Shanghai network was founded in 2006, is a focus on the international well-known sports brand discount chain store and sports electronic business platform of the company, after the company’s chairman and CEO Mr. Yang Shengjun several years of exploration and innovation, to find the support point of the development of network Hyun in August 2008, the establishment of the fulcrum is Hyun Shanghai sports body member discount City, through the new B2B2C online mode and the establishment of the national chain member body movement dazzle discounters, powerful complementary organic combination of online and offline advantage. read more

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National Copyright Administration social service providers should stop the user micro blog spread Ga

official website of the National Copyright Administration on February 4th, the National Copyright Administration issued a notice, authorized by the CCTV, CCTV exclusive access to the network through the network in the Spring Festival Gala in 2016. In addition, Iqiyi one, LETV and Tencent have been authorized to cctv.com, any other individuals and institutions may not be illegal dissemination. At the same time also requires that the copyright departments around the illegal dissemination of administrative investigation. read more

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Stationmaster net broadcast daily Baidu Encyclopedia SEO end customer Yuzuo full electricity supplie

1 U.S. ticketing network Eventbrite financing $60 million temporarily IPO


technology news Beijing time on April 23rd morning news, according to U.S. technology blog Venturebeat reported that the United States online ticketing website Eventbrite financing $60 million, but not to IPO (initial public offering).

Eventbrite through the group (T. Rowe Price) and tiger Global Fund (Tiger Global) financing $60 million. For a mature company, Eventbrite is still slightly strange financing. But for many companies, this is not the temperature of the IPO market is not listed as an increasingly attractive choice. After this financing, the total amount of Eventbrite financing will reach $135 million, while the round of financing will be used to expand the international market, promote the mobile terminal business, and hire more employees. read more

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World nternet Conference observed China is becoming mainstream from the edge

[Abstract] access to the Internet for 20 years, China Internet users over 600 million Internet world top ten enterprises, China occupy four seats (Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong) far beyond Europe, a world power network has taken shape.

World Internet Conference (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong, November 20th, reported

Zhejiang Wuzhen, the long history of the ancient city from industrial civilization, but in the most intimate attitude to embrace the internet.

yesterday, at the first World Congress held in Wuzhen on the Internet, from around the world thousands of Internet entrepreneurs, government officials, experts and media reporters, between the shuttle in the south of the pavilion, bridges, stone lane and misty rain, around the "interconnection, sharing purpose of cohabitation, with new media Internet governance, innovation, cross-border electronic business, network security and the fight against cyber terrorism and other Internet topics. read more

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Pornography office report website color clear reward 1000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan

It is reported that

, from early December to January 4, 2010, the national anti pornography office reporting center received a public report pornographic and vulgar information website, a total of 61982, and transferred to the relevant departments to find pornographic and vulgar information website IP address, website and record information 58614 possessions.

recently, the national pornography office in accordance with the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, the national anti pornography office reporting center 4 departments reporting center issued a "report of Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information incentives", in Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hubei, Guangdong, Shanxi, Hainan Gansu, Sichuan, and other mobile phone pornographic information informants cash bonus of 1000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan. read more

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Not seek death will not die the inventory of those wonderful thunder P2P platform

Abstract: the

platform to run away, and some have access to Baidu plus V certification and promotion on Baidu wealth; the young president on CCTV about their stories show parents praise its girlfriend for sensible, practical; some involving the famous third party platform net loan eye in the sky, the founder wrote farewell. Leave the net loan industry……

as of February 2015, platform has reached 494, of which, including pure fraud, run away to cash difficulties, poor management of business platform, the active intervention of type four categories. read more

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nventory of domestic JD com3000 million in the top 10 price domain

Discuz! Lovers network July 22nd exclusive observation (text / Tang Shier less) domain name investment has become a way of investment in the Internet and channels, no less than China 90s stock investment, also less than the new century real estate investment. The domain name occupation investors and stock investors and real estate investors in their respective fields for profit, it is " rich that a group of people ".

as the domain name investors is how to make money? What domain can invest and have? How much is the enterprise price to buy the best domain name? Today a to see the data in multitude as we take stock of domestic price 10 " domain name ". read more

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Take 1 billion to build rookie League Rookie mode to solve the last mile

"I hope that after 10 years, as long as you shop online, in any place in China, can be served within 24 hours." Three years ago, when announced the establishment of the rookie network, Ma with China intelligent logistics backbone network to describe the vision of this business.

from today’s conference, after three years of use, storage, electronic single basic structures, rookie network "intelligent logistics backbone" results – launch of the day services in 12 National City, 90 city launched the next day service. read more

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What the hell Jingdong Taobao also do content platform Jingdong push Jingdong Taobao night into the

will not write a piece of the electricity supplier is not good sales.

with the mobile Internet penetration increasing, Chinese intelligent mobile phone users slowdown in growth, JP Morgan believes that structural changes in China driver of growth of Internet users, mobile traffic means to obtain the future cost will be increased significantly. With the end of the demographic dividend, competition between BAT and other Internet giants will be by the number (number of users) to the quality (user stickiness and participation) competition. read more

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n 2015 the nternet industry event love to kill fighting and brutal reshuffle

Abstract: This is the best of times and the worst of times. The real economy downturn, a large influx of capital into the Internet market, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, brutal reshuffle has begun.

The wind blew

in March 5th, in the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet plus in the government work report". "Make" Internet plus "action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry combination, to promote e-commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking, Internet guide enterprises to expand the international market." read more

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n fact do the webmaster really tired

is the envy of many people to do the webmaster, actually do not know stationmaster is a matter of how dull as ditch water.

is now more than just personal websites, many of China’s Web site, can not imagine, and the ability to imitate a hao123 up, countless hao123 followed in the back of

if you just do not care, look back, he has left behind

up every day, the first thing is to open the computer, Baidu site look, and how much to see, to see their own station is still not in

most of the time, is the face of a computer in a daze, to try to think of something original, and now only rely on the locomotive is not enough read more

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Electricity supplier domain name analysis electricity supplier industry’s 9 most popular series

in recent years, the development of e-commerce into the rapidly, traditional enterprises also have to get involved in the Internet to set up electricity supplier website, which is to promote the development of the electricity industry, the current domestic electricity supplier website into a "fast track", the major electricity supplier website to enable different types, the formation of several series of business domain name, such as "Tao," Amoy "series Yi Yi" series and "buy Gou" series and so on, then simply understand the electricity supplier website several series of domain name. read more

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nternet lottery legitimacy unknown nearly 40 billion market in the gray zone

buy more, buy less, how much to buy; early, late, early evening – so fascinating slogan, as low as 2 yuan investment cost, promoting the lottery market. Treasury data show that in 2013 the country’s total sales of lottery 309 billion 325 million yuan, an increase of 18.3%.

with the advent of the Internet era, the Internet lottery came into being. From 2001 to date after the birth of more than 10 years, with the network platform to provide great convenience, the rapid development of Internet lottery. Choi Tong consulting data released earlier this year showed that in 2013 China’s Internet sales of lottery 42 billion yuan, an increase of up to 82.6%. read more

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Wanda electricity supplier flying where the network quietly on the line for 31 days trial operation

fly where nets


technology news news March 28th, jointly invested 5 billion yuan founded by Tencent and Baidu, Wanda Wanda electricity supplier platform "fifast network" (http://s.www.ffan.com/) recently has been quietly on the line, Wanda electricity supplier insiders told Sina Technology, the trial operation date has not yet been determined, and the original plan is scheduled for March 31st.

fifast net official website information, the electricity supplier who fly by Wanda Group, Baidu Inc and Tencent Inc jointly funded the establishment of the mobile terminal and intelligent technology, re integration of Wanda Group under the line resources, to achieve online business and service integration, to create high-tech intelligent life O2O open the world’s largest electronic business platform. read more

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Since the media depth of eight things a freeloader thousand

they are a group of active media people in Foshan. By chance, since the media platform for them, sitting on one hundred thousand fans. This circle of people in the end where sacred, what is the senior chowhound, or network "trendsetter? They eat" and "Pianchipianhe," Why have delicacy shop owners obediently pay? Have felt very heart, want to become a member of them, our exclusive big bottom, look at them how to make money by selling advertising powder.

from the media Master mami…… read more

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Goddess of the goddess of ten million financing for the successful transition of Mo Xiaoqi venture

July 8th, Europe was informed that the film and television actor, host Mo Xiaoqi founded in November 2014, the constellation goddess culture media has been recently tens of millions of financing, the investor is Mizuki capital.

constellation goddess culture media is mainly led by the constellation culture, with the new media as the carrier to create new media entertainment content network, which covers the field of variety shows, online games, movies, games, etc..

December 2015, Chinese first class social reality game show "constellation constellation goddess culture media production strongest Star Wars" was the sixth leading Internet Award for best original content for the internet. Has always been known as the constellation goddess, Mo Xiaoqi successfully transformed into the Internet’s best original content producer. read more

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How to make use of soft web marketing

has a lot of friends to ask what is soft Wen marketing, how to write soft Wen marketing to promote their website and products. The so-called " soft ", refers to the concept of through certain appeal, with facts and reason of make consumers into enterprise set " thinking circle ", with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize the product sales text mode and oral communication. For example: news, third party comments, interviews, interviews, word of mouth. Relatively hard and soft advertising, more guidance and emotion, can let the reader not consciously produce a good mental state, because it is about a "soft" word, driven by the reader’s mood, softening of Advertising Psychological rejection readers, so that advertising articles can be passed to the invisible readers let the reader better. read more

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dentification of the authenticity of the automatic recovery necessity

powder, this for many of us are very desirable, is called by powder, this premise is that we need to have their own fans, or that we find large, the others inside the micro signal to guide the fans to our public number inside. Rely on other large guide fans, this is our 80% of the powder guide method.


, we also start from zero, just start to feel WeChat is very well done, and registered a few numbers, but the operation after that want to increase their fans is not so simple, if you want to rely on the growth of content words, then you need to reach a certain amount of fans, this will have the effect, but we have no pre fans how? Our way is by QQ, but did not see what effect, and it is a waste of time. Later on the choice of pay is large, in the choice of when we compare the price, but the price is a first Jibaijishiwan fans, but the promotion time, his mother, the a few fans knew cheated, then knew that if true, push it, it is a thousand. Since then, I know the importance of real fans. Then we chose is indeed true fans account promotion, but the effect is not ideal, the key lies in our promotional copy, then add text to read, copy and promotion, but the effect is really bad, because not everyone is willing to view your content and pay attention to your choice. As a result, so much money has been spent on dozens of fans. read more

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Hong Kong movie box office on the first day break two hundred million embarrassed behind marketing



port embarrassed released on the first day at the box office to break two hundred million, a total of 12 to break the record! Hong Kong will embarrassed IP marketing, community marketing, creative marketing, nostalgia, conference marketing occasion and Social, the most popular technique is a times, this is the most critical factor in Hong Kong Premiere embarrassed breaking two hundred million


port embarrassed released on the first day at the box office to break two hundred million, a total of 12 read more

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Small and medium enterprises how to expand the promotion effect of soft Wen

marketing is the small and medium enterprises in the most commonly used marketing tools, so far, according to the data show that the use of soft to product promotion and brand of small and medium-sized enterprises in growing, and the effectiveness of marketing and the conversion rate is staggering, so visible marketing has become the marketing practices of small and medium enterprises biggest the. However, the Internet in the development of marketing by many companies mining, but also in the promotion of soft paper products with the brand culture, in this regard, small and medium enterprises if you can do soft Wen promotion, come down for a long time can get the best promotion effect. read more

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