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A big data company rebate application Snapcart financing 1 million 675 thousand

million European Network on January 5, 2016, Indonesia based mobile phone application APP Snacart rebate successfully invested $1 million 675 thousand in its Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Wavemaker Partners, SPH Media Fund.

million European Network on January 5, 2016, Indonesia based mobile phone application APP Snacart rebate successfully invested $1 million 675 thousand in its Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Wavemaker Partners, SPH Media, Fund SMDV in South Korea and Southeast Asia venture company Aedent Capital. One of the SPH Media Fund is an Asian media giant Holdings Holdings (Singapore Press), Singapore’s investment arm. read more

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Experience sharing positioning is the soul of network marketing

in the domestic marketing and business circles, the positioning theory has been paid more and more attention, also produced many successful cases for accurate positioning and make the products and brands such as real Kung Fu A new force suddenly rises., positioning steam type fast food chain, Wang Laoji herbal tea drinks can be located in the goal, Yake positioning in 9 kinds of vitamin candy…… The marketing of these brands, in fact, is to explain to consumers and spread their positioning process, through continuous marketing, and ultimately enable consumers to accept the positioning of the brand and establish a strong sense of. read more

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Do not follow others ass

today in the QQ webmaster group 998002 published his views on the site project, did not expect everyone to reflect very strong. To tell the truth, a person or a wave of people’s ability is limited, you always earn money does not play, money projects can sometimes do together. Way to make money, is the heart.

with the heat of non mainstream and QQ space, similar sites springing up, one after another. People’s ability to imitate and call ability is strong, this had to admire. I was the point of view, the site may not have to do is very complex, you have the time to grab gold and others, as well as their own rent a boat. For example, a rise of just qzone each step on the website, conservative access daily at about 30 thousand IP. We can see that the website is designed to modify an each step program, before this website, but not many successful cases. Why he can succeed and that is the main viral marketing. The group of QQ spaces is large, about 20000000. We all love to show off, just love to trample space. Some good points in the space, a day visit at around 100 thousand ip. The main space added to this website, just write diary, strong appeal, a month, this qzone each step on the website member number is over 10000. After living on the moisture, because Adsense program announced dot original program, this kind of website again, make money do not have a few. My focus here is not to discuss the site to make money, a lot of successful models can be copied, you just spend more time and energy on the line. If you are going to engage in this qzone step on each site, my opinion is that there is no drama, unless you have a cow stand, or to recognize a few cattle family patriarch, a few months to estimate the point. But I hope you can think, why don’t you get a 51 blogs on each other, each step on the campus network, or other blogs on each other that, just slightly can be modified under the program, in June, I searched, no such sites, when writing this article search 3. We feel that the future of such sites, interested and friends, can make their own, I do not have time to engage in. read more

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WeChat There is much fineness in the custom menu

is well known, pig CMS company has a research and development department, its degree of mystery is equivalent to the state’s relevant departments". According to the Department of Bob all gifted bone surprise, to be a hundred rare code wizards.

driven by curiosity, small walking too small to inside a tour. The R & D department leader talent stunning hands away from small series into a cup of coffee, but also witty little Shun an intelligence: pig CMS custom menu


R & D department experts on the pig CMS custom menu for a new optimization and improvement, the major businesses can enjoy the upgrade experience in the background. read more

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Say viral marketing effect from a fool

in fact, this is not a new way of promotion, it is not innovation. As early as a few years ago there was a website to attract users and make a very fine and interactive blessing ", as long as you enter the name and other web content, then the blessing will naturally fill you and your friends in the name. This gives the other side of a beautiful and only the name of your page, of course, the other side is also very happy, but also the input of another person’s name and then sent to the people, so the snowball effect out. But it has not put the name "viral promotion". read more

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The ten events of network marketing marketing of the nine events

event marketing is now more and more commonly used, and the effect is also very good. Events generated by the marketing force, often stronger than other marketing practices.

said the popular point, event marketing refers to promotion of the target A, not directly to the promotion of the target A, but to find some newsworthy events to B1-Bn, full of twists and turns of the marketing events A. Said the news value may be a bit too serious, as long as it can attract attention, we like to see, like to know, such an event is enough. A and B do not coincide in most cases, sometimes it may be the same thing. read more

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New do Taobao need to know a few points to promote common sense

with the increasingly fierce competition, Taobao is now more and more difficult to do, but also after everyone can shop, everyone can easily make money. If you don’t have a certain operation method, only rely on purely blind tinker, is not feasible.

shop in the final analysis is the competition, you have the strength to compete with peers can be successful. At the beginning of the best to choose their own familiar categories, choose familiar to consumers, choose the familiar products, so you can easily sell their products. read more

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Liu Daiyuan social network marketing SNS marketing Raiders

With the development of the micro-blog

blowout, the social network marketing to a new climax, from VANCL to harem elegant events, let us understand that micro-blog in the social network marketing charm and strength. Probably most of the users from this time began to focus on social network marketing, in fact, social network marketing applications, the beginning is mainly reflected in the enterprise will establish a company blog and brand community, and then add some social marketing tools, such as user comments on the product introduction, consumers ask open area and so on. Want to use these consumer communication tools, more potential consumers into the actual purchase of consumers. Facebook as well as the rise of the domestic network, such as the SNS community website, and completely promote the development of social network marketing. read more

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Three video sites out of the man is how to create a 2 billion 500 million click never thought

the past two years network drama more and more fire, "never thought" series is one of the best after the launch, sought after by many young people, in early 2016, plum network reporter interviewed Wan Yi Hop day co-founder of Mr. Fan Jun, together with the understanding of network drama behind the marketing story.

age assessment big test

You are 1

after a few zeros?Answer:


genuine goods at a fair price!

2 do you know who is the goddess of Wang Dachui,


answer: it must know, never thought, la la la la la ~~ read more

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Read the marketing article which nternet Co dig men’s wallet a sense of

see this article, how to earn the money men, how can better make men and women consumption, Internet companies, more and more people tend to market together, let the men and women who consume in mogujie.com, see this article, special feeling, development after all, the Internet is cannot do without thinking and marketing methods, only do a good job in marketing, to get the maximum profit, then this article by the Internet Co in which cut the man’s wallet "write about marketing story. read more

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Baidu quietly push class Twitter products into the field of real time search

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Why am not optimistic about WeChat small program

January 9th, WeChat small program was finally published, many people are in a variety of WeChat touted is once again to change the world, as a media person, may be more or we need to reflect, rather than blindly touted.

as a new thing, a small program is a bonus, but this dividend is not the so-called user bonus. But do not like the public number and service number, the need for user attention, small programs only need to use the user is equivalent to concern. The bonus is not the flow of dividends, you do not use App, small procedures will not be used." read more

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Stationmaster net daily Ali Sina BBS become chicken ribs

1 Ali shares Sina management earned $900 million into

Ali Sina capital in the marriage, there is a figure has been ignored, that is, Sina’s cash management situation. After the author estimates, after the deal, Sina management cash of 145 million dollars (about 900 million yuan), this also means that the management headed by Cao Guowei about 1/4 of the investment cash in your pocket.

to the data banks fund, according to Alibaba and Sina, after the Alibaba shares, Sina micro-blog management and ESOP shares dropped from 18.3% to 11%, Sina shares fell from 81.7% to 71%. read more

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2 months after the acquisition of YAHOO’s exposure of its own user information stolen 500 million

after a takeover rumors, at the end of July, has taught a generation of the Internet is what is YAHOO, the telecommunications company Verizon to $4 billion 830 million acquisition of cash.

Although YAHOO

as an independent corporate entity highlights is very limited, but YAHOO mail, news, sports and financial tools are still many professionals trust products, so after the acquisition of these products will be implanted YAHOO Verizon. Verizon said the acquisition will allow the number of digital advertising business doubled, shortening the gap between Google and Facebook. read more

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Novice webmaster training step by step to create the third phase of training

  this site will be held in September 21st, third full novice master training seminars. QQ group: 47012513    only accept complete novice. Webmaster veteran, please let out of position. More opportunities for novices.
the expected time, the evening of September 21st 7:30- 10.   please tell each other.
      this lecture is free training, Admin5 webmaster personally lecture. The plan is:
    domestic owners of the past, now and future reference
    how do the webmaster, what you need, how to do in the Internet cafe. What tools are needed.
    HTML language commonly used code.
    how to do a simple page on the machine.
    how to pick free space, and use free space
    how to buy domain name and space, domain name and space value.
    how to resolve domain name.
    how to manage the space control panel
  how to upload FTP software.
    Adsense commonly used software
    site positioning, home page design
    how to copy the template of others.
    make the first page of your life.
    how to do a few links, a few pages.
    if the promotion of your station.
    how to be included, such as Baidu, as well as advertising code. read more

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Feng Xin Storm TV to grow to grow into billions of dollars

[Abstract] Feng Xin believes that if the storm TV success must have another condition, that is, the company must not be a storm of one hundred percent companies.

Tencent science and technology news July 23rd, in 2015 China Internet Conference held in Beijing. Storm chairman and CEO Feng Xin (micro-blog) made a keynote speech.

Feng Xin think, whether it is Internet plus, or the Internet Ecosystem, it is part of the flow of people based on nutrition. With the flow of people, it is the expansion of space is infinite, can involve many levels. And no matter how to use, people flow will not be lost. read more

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Wu Di Poly beauty domain name jumei com was recognized as garbage

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 10th – the geometric value of jumei.com’s official domain name jumei.com? It is self-evident, if not backed by the listed company jumei.com, jumei.com is also a good product phase Larry domain. But who would have thought that such a valuable domain names in more than ten years ago, was not a good look at all, no one is willing to buy, and even expired to delete the so-called junk domain name". So what exactly is what? Now we have to listen to the jumei.com and the first holder of Wu Di about the domain name counter attack story. read more

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Rock was attacked 371 main attack

      evaluation of the 371 main attack

      today (October 25th) morning, open the 371 station, the original beautiful home has all gone out, the eye is such a text:

      371 all staff, ha ha, I do not destroy your site! I don’t change anything! Be careful yourself! That is called 371 Sha Sha (SHA) you scold Lao Zi metamorphosis! You scold that sentence, I decided to invade you, you think I’m crazy, I’ll do a madman to see you! Don’t you hate the mouth to challenge Lao Tzu technology! Leave a QQ convenient for you to find me! QQ 4719662. Large companies miscellaneous (Zha), I like the invasion, white (100) degrees, NetEase and the like, which big companies have a server in my hands! Don’t be in (again) to challenge the technology of Lao Tzu, the next time (in) scold Lao Tze, (to you) devastating blow! I am a civilized society, in order to Chinese, I "to" education you this (some) no quality of the people! The webmaster, in this apology, I hope this can give you a lesson. Not everyone can offend, you can call crazy, abnormal. To forget to tell your company: all of your information on my hand (including your company’s own web server). Rest assured. I won’t do anything. Hey! To the October 25, 2007 5:49 read more

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The operator again Huanshuai telecom industry but also how to change

Abstract: just now, the mobile officially announced, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Shang Bing will succeed Xi Guohua as chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua will be retiring; at the same time, China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu and China Unicom chairman Chang will swap the two later announced the official news.

crazy pass has long been the top three operators to adjust the dust finally settled. Just now, the mobile officially announced, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Shang Bing will succeed Xi Guohua as chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua will be retiring; at the same time, according to the Tencent technology report, China Telecom chairman Wang Xiaochu and Chinese Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing will go on, two later announced the official news. read more

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Shanda acquired Xiaoxiang College will build the world’s largest library

                Admin5 station network April 1st news yesterday, announced the acquisition of Shanda literature Xiaoxiang College (www.xxsy.net/), this is the grand literature in recent three months of the acquisition of Fourth literature website, and it owns seventh literature website. At the same time, Shanda literature announced the establishment of the country’s largest genuine digital library – cloud library, the library will be the world’s largest Chinese digital library. read more

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