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The new Taobao store why a deserted house

looked at Taobao on those high reputation sellers to earn tens of thousands of tens of thousands as a novice, if you feel very depressed? In fact, this experience is a lot of shopkeepers have experienced, no matter how high reputation, they are starting from scratch, has been tried in this stage. According to my shop experience, novice sellers are facing the following problems:

1, reputation is not high

online shopping is the most afraid of being cheated, and through Taobao’s credit score can greatly reduce the risk of being cheated. Therefore, most of the buyers are the first choice of the crown, crown sellers, which resulted in no matter how good quality, good products, many consumers still choose only high quality and inexpensive, high credibility of the seller. To solve this problem can only rely on persistence, and this time may be a few years. Therefore, if you do not make up your mind, there is not enough financial support, it is best not to choose to shop in Taobao. Want to open a shop through a part-time seller, you can choose to do shop agent, we can find the information I wrote before. read more

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Network network listed on the new board LETV 6 years gave birth to a new world of ecology

August 2016, network network (838890) officially listed on the new board. August 2010, LETV (300104) listed on the gem. After a lapse of 6 years, the music department and a subsidiary of the landing of the capital market, fame. As the holding official with the music founder Jia Yueting series of sound, and for the network network with "ecological fruits" label.

music as founder Jia Yueting released on micro-blog, born extraordinary cited conjecture

it is reported that the network network belongs to music as ecology, 2013 officially launched operations, the main business for the Wine ecological electricity supplier. LETV why in the strict capital operation system for network network to enter the capital market independent is not associated with TMT? Seemingly network network, what is the role of read more

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The development of e commerce in 2013 from a few simple data

The development trend of the

we have on the electronic commerce in the future, and gone to the end of the end of the year, when the trend is looking forward to next year. I work in the electricity supplier industry, long-term observation of the industry data, so today from a few simple data to see the development of e-commerce in 2013.

personal opinion below for reference only, welcome to discuss:

1, traffic growth slowed

overall, next year’s electricity supplier industry sales volume is still considerable, will continue to grow, but the growth rate will slow down. read more

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Star shop those things what good artists can be regarded as a good boss

stars are "boss dream", people do not look rich but capricious, what the shop business is really not money can get into the Star shop "fire three days" put up the shutters is not in the minority. But the big star of coffee are still on the "sideline" never abandon, there are a lot of also properly go "win" peak, today it together to scrabble Yi People’s entrepreneurial is what kind of


Carina Lau Bordeaux red wine sold cabbage price

in June this year, the famous movie star Carina Lau in his English name to set up a "Carina Lau" wine brand, incorporated into the Tmall, shop a month to sell nearly 250 thousand bottles. Sure enough wine worthy of Carina Lau’s star figure, but he went to France to the selection of products, all the red wine from Bordeaux. But you see in Tmall’s Carina Lau wine is "cabbage price": only sell three hundred yuan, the minimum is only 59 yuan, the actress is so capricious! read more

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Where the old curse Jay Chou after death is rubbish actually abusive marketing is actually very usef

Abstract: Jay Chou, as the king of Asia, is the focus of debate among many young people. We can’t deny that he is a part of the human spirit idol, but also cannot deny that many people do not love the singing inarticulate singer. It is precisely because of this "public opinion contradiction" the genius has been in the arch in the teeth of the storm.

frankly, I did not see the video, but in the circle of friends, micro-blog brush to the relevant articles and events. For those articles I also did not see, but did not turn, but by intuition that is full of routines". read more

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Online and offline are off on the promotion of local building materials site

in recent years, the momentum of development of local building materials Jiezhuang websites very rapidly, building materials belonging to the nature of the industry Web site, generally have a certain scale, so the promotion is not particularly easy, especially in the early stage, the effort not to mention, from the site to this development to the present, can be said to be a great the harvest, especially the promotion of this piece, I realized that the local building materials site online and offline is the guest, needs to take seriously. read more

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A place where under the promotion experience

local station is very promising, not only do I say.

this is the first time I write these things, because I never write a good middle school composition of geography, history, politics is very good, so I only love in the history of political way to list the answer.

for the first time, please forgive me for any bad things.

actually, I suggest that you do the best local stations at the county level, good publicity, I said the line publicity. This can quickly put up the popularity of the site. We have to do is to prepare the server, domain name, plus 2000 yuan operating costs. Online publicity is the most important Internet cafes positions, which we all know. Because it is the county level, if it is in their own familiar place, these are generally easy to get. Internet cafes are generally employed by the network management, we can only through these network management, to the network management of the benefits, or to find and network management is very familiar with the help of a friend. read more

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Network advertising promotion steps and methods

network advertising, as its name implies, is put on the network advertising. Compared with traditional media, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, online advertising is the current network information products into a new advertising trends. Common online advertising pictures, animation flash, text, video and other ad formats. At present, Internet advertising has wide coverage, low cost, the optimization effect is strong, the network advertisement is one of the main methods of network marketing promotion, and everyone takes the following Seoer analysis, how to make the network more targeted advertising, user experience better, more can improve the advertising effect. read more

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The United States to seek listing will be the next network

Abstract: meituan in preparing the IPO issues, two questions need to be answered: if listed setback, whether meituan will repeat the mistakes? If the listing is successful, the U.S. group net up if there is enough interest to benefit employees, so they don’t become the second Gu Yongqiang? The seemingly powerful beauty group, in fact, the situation is far from optimistic imagination.


/ Huang Pu Yuan

Shortly before

million European network exclusive coverage of the U.S. mission network will finalize the financing, the second half will be listed in the U.S. News in the industry caused many discussions, public opinion generally optimistic about the future development of meituan; many meituan employees privately asked Puge meituan valuation and market prospects. The U.S. group net valuation of only public comment 3/5, many meituan staff seemed filled with righteous indignation, because in their eyes, American network has more than the public comment; they are confident that the U.S. mission network as O2O enterprises will be under a giant. read more

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nterpretation of Google AdSense rules

1, on account of the application of
Chinese account! read more

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