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11 nternet service providers are exposed to actively carry out rectification

December 27th reporter learned from the Internet and illegal information reporting center was informed that: the center for the 11 in December 18th to provide access services for pornographic and Vulgar Internet access service providers were exposed. According to verification, the 11 were exposed Internet access service providers have been actively rectification.


11 service providers to stop providing access service for containing a large number of pornographic and vulgar bad information site: Nanyang City, Henan province Netcom closed "go boy" website; Guangdong city of Guangzhou province in the closing of the "5252 broadband broadcast" website; Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province Unicom closed "I go QVOD ethics resource station website; China bitung United Network closed the" energy-saving "website; Beijing Tongniu group closed" bottom picture network "website; read more

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From soaring to death O2O this game how many opportunities

with Internet plus the concept of hot, various projects such as O2O appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The courage to try behind the capital market is favored for O2O projects. But behind the increase in the amount of financing and valuation, the real talent shows itself O2O projects are not many, most of the O2O enterprise is very difficult to get a C round of financing. Behind the O2O project rush on like a swarm of hornets faced the problem of resource demand soared, pseudo homogeneity, line and capital chain tension etc.. read more

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Mogujie com Gorgeous turn conceal behind the rush


appears to have become the darling of the market mogujie.com, perhaps because the transition too hasty, the whole process is still not perfect, even in the faint, there are some questions still in suspense has not been perfect answer, which is likely to become the shopping site whether the transformation of key factors to win the further development.

/ Yang Junjun for the "seller" magazine "

has been and Taobao has a cut and chaotic relationship between mogujie.com recently passed a $200 million financing has become the focus of attention of the industry, but before this, mogujie.com was once heard the news of the acquisition of ali. We performed regardless of "grass root counterattack" mogujie.com will be how to start to flex its muscles, only behind mogujie.com’s transformation, should still have a lot to external people suffering v.. read more

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The largest hacker website member of 170 thousand checked

yesterday (February 6th) learned from the provincial public security department, the province successfully destroyed to provide illegal control of computer information systems program as the main content of the largest hacker training website ", the main suspect Lee, Zhang was arrested according to law.

in April last year, the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment and Macheng City Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully cracked the governor of black point "series of network attacks, network attacks, wantonly arrested on suspicion of fraud, theft and spread of computer virus, illegal control of computer information system crime such as South Korea and other 6 suspects. The police found that the 3 lines per capita "Black Hawk safety net" members, their long-term learning, in exchange for the website network hacker crime, illegal use of the website provides the program. read more

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Know how to plan to operate in order to make the site invincible

I often A5

, read many articles about the construction site every day, found a problem, the site is in a state of isolation, not combined with the reality, that is to say no to combine online and offline. Web site to develop, must be combined with online and offline operations, of course, there should be more co-ordination in business planning, planning and management to understand how to make the site invincible.

three years ago, when in school, we have a team founded net net, was linked to the University Network Information Center, just a year to become one of the four major network media school, maximum daily visits reached 110 thousand. read more

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Local portal promotion Keywords QQ group

I want to use

as long as QQ friends have used the QQ group, QQ group the advantages we thought to know, a group of like-minded friends can sit together free chat, you can send text, pictures, audio and video etc.. QQ group to bring people’s network life has brought a lot of convenience and interest. A class is the class group, during the computer class, everyone together to discuss where to play next week, there is an area of group of friends, pet lovers, fellow group…… Too numerous to mention。 read more

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Product rookie year cognition learning growth

first stage: cognitive

as a software engineering science and engineering students, on the practical significance of the Internet and digital products such as outstanding. Remember that big 4 will practice before, spend a lot of time to read books related to the Internet product "WEB", "information architecture for everyone is a product manager", removed the major information application "IT family" "everyone is a product manager", each generation of products before they may consult, learning various products specification and documentation… It is nothing, even said that some of the frenzied! It’s all worth it, the road is unknown, can do is to do as much as possible to. Forewarned is forearmed. read more

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How to sell word of mouth products on their website

is the so-called word-of-mouth marketing, word of mouth, such as I have a Taobao shop selling electrical appliances, will go to the side with the friend, let them help publicity, this is the word of mouth marketing. If the friends of friends to buy electrical appliances, electrical products of good quality, then through their mutual promotion, then the author of the Taobao store was spread, there will be more people to patronize. Word of mouth marketing is to take people to share the psychological, through the recommendation of friends and family, its credibility will be higher, more likely to be accepted. read more

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Sun Jingwei how to use Baidu experience to the site to bring high quality conversion rate

The promotion of

of Baidu product marketing website for a long time, know from the earliest Baidu, then Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, Baidu experience. Baidu experience which I am using the highest pass rate of the highest one. Baidu experience is the essence of narrative in an industry where the user experience is quite high, easy to understand and simple advantages beyond the Baidu Wikipedia and Baidu know, but the drawback is that the ranking is very poor, only suitable for long term, the webmaster also understand that the flow quantity of the website is just up to the long tail (Hey! The heart of it, why not. Everybody hold on) read more

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WeChat old man on the user experience and follow up

I do not know when to start, it is not difficult to see the old street skillfully pulled out mobile phone out of his pocket, press the button of the touch screen, to the mobile phone microphone hearty chat for small household affairs……

old people WeChat is probably from some ordinary family began.

, a user experience is simple, plain and details of


via T.I.T Creative Park, will think of the relationship between here and WeChat, after all, in this humble city corner, WeChat was born in here. read more

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