Month: July 2017

One stone arouses thousand wave two domain name investment still can fire how long

The rapid development of

Internet has brought about a huge commercial value behind it. The business competition of enterprises is becoming more and more intense, and the core competitiveness is achieved by product service. Big bucks for hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of domain names, only to get a string of characters, this example has been It is often seen. The value of the domain name more convex, thus remarkable, leading the popular Internet domain name and domain name investment tide, how can fire? A ripple of business competition will make ends meet? The following contents to view: read more

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The original is not unique to write out the words from mumbo jumbo said content marketing

content marketing is a hot topic in the network marketing industry at present, we are talking about the original, so more people on the "copy acquisition pseudo original" way; there are a lot of friends, and I can’t write, not only write a wonderful content, and there is no time to ponder, well, network marketing is just to do


content marketing has become a hot topic now,

this is unique from the original completely mistaken, in fact your positioning of promotional products and overall grasp, and persevere persistence, to really find the best display form your unique original content system, forming the unique style of self marketing, never from the original unique skills — if you really grasp the unique products in the course of time the original selling point, you can come in handy; if you do not seize the unique selling point of products, let you be apt in writing not – you know, is now over the era of marketing, marketing audience is already tight cover purse a badly frightened person cannot underestimate the audience’s intelligence, marketing. read more

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Web site design two or three things about Web navigation design

navigation plays a part in Web that answers the question "who am I?", "where do I come from?" where am I going?. Good navigation is the main building block of a website. When designing a website or correcting a web page, it is often the first challenge for the designer.

Information architecture of

01 navigation design

information architecture determines the quality of navigation, and the information architecture of the content is clearly arranged before the design, so as to maximize the function of navigation, sort out the website structure and effectively transmit information. How many layers of relationships are there in the web structure? Is there a relationship between the upper and lower layers? Is the relationship between the labels of each category tied or related? Is there a combination of items in each sub class, and so on?. Avoid simply subdividing the page navigation to level 3 or even 4 in terms of simple logical relationships and even business relationships, or producing some categories of information that do not correspond to user perceptions. Each additional navigation will increase a cognitive dimension, every level increase the navigation system complexity increases several times, not only the user’s operation will increase exponentially, "to the maintenance cost greatly. Following two icons, you can clearly see the different placement of the same number of pages, giving users a different experience. read more

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About local site navigation station construction experience

I’ve always wanted to be a local portal, and for a variety of reasons, I haven’t been able to take the first step. I watched the city where one portal was born, recently the idea once again jumped out, so much thought, exactly what do local portal station? Then the local investigation and analysis of several local portal station types.

1, local official network

this is ruled out first, because ZF is ready. In addition to the local ZF network, there is a local news network, which is usually the head of the local publicity department. read more

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January 15th A5 domain name auction tea girl cgn cn 50 thousand and 9 shoot

A5 auction January 15th data are as follows:

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,

remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract. read more

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Baidu’s original plan turned out to be a source of support for acquisition to crack down on original


original plan, many original webmaster feel good time to display their talent, more happy every day more exciting to form a banging on the keyboard and a fresh and unique article. On the day of execution from the Baidu original plan started round every day to write articles, many webmasters have not found from the trace of the effect. Updated articles every day, although through the website log analysis has been crawling crawling spider, but is not released. This also forget it, can find their own articles have been collected, reproduced, not a moment has been included. What a pity! I just feel like I’m working on my keyboard every day. It seems to be more obvious than the direct collection of other people’s software. Instead, the effect is obvious, read more

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December 18th A5 domain auction market summary

December 18th A5 domain auction prices are summarized as follows:

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,

remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract. read more

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Local website operations from the reputation of survival reputation and development credibility r

believe that every webmaster will have such a feeling, into the webmaster this circle is very easy to create a website of the cost is very low, but because of this, people are more and more now, forming a a grim situation, the competition is fierce. Do not think that they could not escape the local site of roses, to survive the pressure. In the market economy, the website and users are opposite, a pursuit of profit maximization, the other is the pursuit of utility maximization, although it is opposite but unified, the two are inseparable and can be transformed into each other. From the point of view of website operators, how can you relieve the pressure of local websites and make profit? I think the most important thing is the popularity, reputation and credibility of these three points. read more

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A webmaster’s bumpy story those years have stood missed opportunities

Hello, I’m Yu Hongming SEO, and today I’d like to share some stories about what I did.

I have stood for nearly 10 years, and for the website or some experience, the writing is not good, we all forgive.

The first

I do is in 03 years, I was doing is a forum for the sharing of information, in a small forum, users of discussion, was ranked particularly well done, one month down traffic has been 2000, but the station did completely interest only, never thought to make money on the top, just to play it, three months down traffic has exceeded 5000, a small space to buy already Zhichibuzhu, but although there are so many people, advertising, daily management is also troublesome, no money, so I didn’t tube, after 3 months the space period has not expired, management, no additional management to manage the forum, I saw before the expiration of the flow, has more than 1W, although a little reluctant, but because of too busy and various reasons, did not renew, stand so the grass The grass off, then shortly from the friends know Wangzhuan, he said Wangzhuan special simple, brush flow, simulation of advertising, a month down can have thousands of money, he said that if you have a super station wormhole flow tens of thousands of words, a month can earn W, I think that I die station, regret, but it was closed, I thought, well, probably did not belong to me. read more

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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of online trading

The biggest advantages of

online trading are: saving costs. Because online transactions shorten the distribution chain, broaden the scope of sales, reduce advertising and other promotional costs, reduce inventory or even zero inventory. Good communication makes possible the provision of personalized products and services. Using the network, customers can participate in the design, development and production of products so as to obtain the products and services that they really like and conform to their own personality. read more

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A year later finally fell hard


came to Admin5 last year, he was starting his own business. Also wrote an article, "poor boss" facing the company female staff car "embarrassed  "; also has quite a few friends and mine situation is same. When I came here again this year, I felt the vicissitudes of life.

I try, I always believe that the people who work hard will pay off, and now I still think so. Talk about the feelings of the year. Now the psychology is very messy, just remember the running account. Fellow workers, don’t be angry to see them. The editor sees and does not delete. read more

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ndustry Web site about keyword sharing

has been doing industry websites for a while and now wants to talk about this experience:

keyword selection. It is important to choose a keyword that can not be too popular keywords such as: mechanical comparison of woodworking machinery and woodworking machinery in Beijing you can see the gap between how much, not too confident, if you choose the keyword is too popular, the search engine becomes a master like clouds before the pressure is relatively large. I’m afraid not so easy to do! This station Chinese woodworking machinery network, I updated daily news but not very good looking, I feel as the site already has a paradox, if you selected is too popular in the industry such as Home Furnishing news station, but it is difficult to find the ranking row up to the front, but if the choice is partial industry like cashmere information and spraying, you like this is not news to find, hey! Look at your choice! read more

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Buy site strange status big ups and downs financing has become the lifeblood of life and death

[TechWeb] May 26th news special report, recently the country has always been a little-known group purchase website Wo Wo Group announced the launch of a high-profile U.S. IPO process, the company has received a strategic investment from CDH, Tianyou, clear and many other investment institutions, is expected in the first round of financing will reach $200 million.

this also means that Wo Wo Group will soon break two records in a very short period of time: this year, the single round of financing the highest amount of Chinese group buying enterprises, and the first officially entered the track of Chinese group buying enterprises. A consumer is not familiar with the website, with the hands of capital boost, fame, will soon soar. read more

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Foreign trade licensing station should face up to copyright issues

do foreign trade card, what space will not be sealed, this problem is not absolute. So long as your foreign trade imitates the card website to have the public network, can run normally, cannot 100% not be blocked. You see, the imitation goods sold more fire, businesses will see genuine foreign property jealous, tube was particularly strict, whether you trade counterfeit space buy more remote, can not avoid being sealed 100%. It’s too remote, can not keep up the pace is no good, who will stay for a long time to open the site to buy something in a read more

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Electricity supplier website operations analysis luxury electricity supplier success password

will this year called the luxury business year, the luxury goods business is also not only funds rolling, emerge in an endless stream, a number of luxury favored by the investors, the domestic luxury business financing nearly half 300 million dollars, of which monk product network is in the financing of $50 million, and a few other also are ten million financing. Capital value is often a barometer, represented by the investment industry to fire, so we see that big business can not calm, Jingdong, where customers are ready to launch luxury channel, luxury e-commerce market in 2011 is flourishing. read more

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A miserable confession of a teacher at a primary school

(first author statement: Well, my writing is not, the language may not be very beautiful, but I swear, I said is Tao Tao word. Without any modification, if you are looking at the joke, I hope you laugh a little bit, if you are willing to give some of your best wishes or suggestions, I regard you as my most precious life!)

the door that goes in and out is locked,

is wide open for the dog’s climb.

, a loud voice —

climb out of here and give you freedom!

I long for freedom,

, but I know it well – read more

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Dedicated to those who dedicate their youth to the nternet of personal webmaster

                from graduation to now, contact the industry for almost two years, can’t remember doing many websites, how many pages, with the financial crisis, the winter is coming along with the Internet, the new project is just MK near the end, can finally make time to summarize, to review their own way.

before graduating from the lofty, to downhearted after graduation, from the number of garden helpless to leave the park number from MK into the firm, excited, and now the Internet indifferent, witnessed my growth, from ignorance to helpless, helpless to fear from…… read more

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How to make the site P rising

I’m not a webmaster. But now do a webmaster to do. How to do the site. Although not give yourself. But good. Learn. Not only for the others. The key is to play their own.

now I do the website is an online shopping. Don’t look small. But it is also a person doing. My mission is to do site optimization. The site click rate up to bring greater profits to the company. Just begin to contact the website optimization. I understand that is between micro and micro. Little can be said out of pity. We are not afraid of a joke. I even to search engine optimization this term I have heard at that time. At that time it was Zhang two monks confused. Good nonsense not say more. No longer describe I was swimming phase. read more

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Out of the heart should be flat just to withstand the temptation

the following three station I was to find out the three industries ranked first in the station. The station has a common characteristic is that the station optimization in general, but the chain ah. And the message board is uniform. I followed some of their anti chain, because want to do in the flesh the valley brother included the chain, found that some places even have hundreds of messages, I really do not know how to think of the valley brother, so the chain was also counted. Finally still didn’t follow up. My heart anxious, I really want to have a few hands. Sending bulk software is not used. Just want to optimize do good. Slowly build chain. read more

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My psychological worry free station

;     for a rookie webmaster, I have been looking forward to their website independent, IP can be thousands of!

has seen other grassroots site IP how much, there is always some psychological "jealous", always feel so far away, even some people talk about traffic and inferiority, dare not dare to talk about IP, for Links.

I quietly set

the goal of the website: a year after more than 1000 independent IP. I carefully will be this stretch deep in my heart, because I doubt whether it will achieve, rookie inferiority complex has been puzzling me. read more

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