Promote the construction of the eastern urban agglomerations and new urbanization, support the steady development of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area and accelerate the development of tibet…… Reporters from the recently held the province’s development and reform work conference was informed that in 2014, the province comprehensively promote the construction of the four areas, the layout of the new layout of regional development, promote the coordinated development of the province’s regional development level. Eastern city construction accelerated. Last year, the provincial development and Reform Commission and relevant departments to fully implement the provincial government on the construction of the eastern city of group deployment requirements, proposed and implemented gradually decentralization, taxation, finance, land, industry and a series of policy measures, started the eastern city group planning and various special planning work, issued the focus of special funds to support the city people make the construction of infrastructure, industrial development and other projects, accelerate the construction of the eastern city of group. The level of recycling utilization of the park. Provincial Development and Reform Commission with the relevant departments put forward 6 categories of support measures, an increase of 1 billion yuan of special funds to support the Qaidam circular economy pilot area development, to prevent the big fluctuations in the west side of the industry in. At the same time, accelerate the implementation of Golmud, Delingha, Qaidam, Ulan Park pilot recycling projects, greatly improve the utilization level of the park loop. About 3000000000 Yuan to support the development of tibetan. We will fully implement the development plan for Tibetan areas and strive for a special fund of 3 billion 130 million yuan in Tibet to implement a number of urban water supply, heating and social projects. At the same time do a good job in post disaster reconstruction work in Yushu, after the completion of the reconstruction. Formulation of the "province and Sichuan Province at the junction of peace and revitalization of the views of the project," the full implementation of Ping An revitalization project. New urbanization construction in full swing. The new urbanization development plan was formally promulgated and implemented. To declare the country will Haidong, Golmud as the first pilot city of new town, Qilian County launched the "gauge" pilot, introduced the beautiful town construction guidance, issued 800 million yuan of special funds to support 16 key urban construction development.