just graduated from college students, want to follow the dog good business, it is necessary to choose to join the project. Nanjing Yu Mei Chongqing facet? Delicious pasta, always very attractive to consumers. For just graduated college students, no doubt, is a very good opportunity to start a business!

Chongqing younger sister Chongqing facet?

is a newly graduated college student, and he is also a very good idea. And most of the graduates are different, Chen after graduating from college did not vote around resume, busy looking for a job, but chose to open a Chongqing sister shop. At first, many people could not understand, but then Chen gave them a successful answer. Food to join, you can choose what project?

Chen Ren calculations, 8 yuan per bowl, according to the industry practice, remove the site, labor, raw materials costs, net profit of at least 500 yuan a day. After an investigation of the market, Chen Ren Ren Yu Chongqing sister is a very tricky project so quickly joined.

said, Chen Ren immediately began preparations for shop related issues — from Nanjing Chongqing Mimei Chongqing small noodles stores location to buy equipment, each link must Qinliqinwei, then the support of his family he awesome great power. With the help of the headquarters, Chen’s shop opened in June 7, 2013. Chen Ren at this time for the first time what entrepreneurial experience, for their energy can not be sold, the heart is not at all. However, the opening day of the performance is very good at noon, noodle sales, there are a lot of people do not buy.

Chen Ren Nanjing Chongqing Mimei Chongqing small noodles stores opening end of the first month, net profit of twelve thousand yuan. Because of a busy man, he hired four people in the district to help. In this way, Chen Ren shop gradually on the right track, monthly profit of 5000 yuan to $8000. Chen is now ready to prepare second Yu Chongqing sister shop in a small matter.

Nanjing Chongqing younger sister, how? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, joined the Nanjing Yu Mei Chongqing small projects, or very good choice. Nanjing Yu Mei Chongqing facet? Choose to join the Nanjing Yu Shan sister Chongqing small join project!