Lei Feng spirit has been respected by people, with the development of the times, the spirit of Lei Feng has a deeper meaning. During the 2016 sessions of the two countries, on behalf of members of the new era of Lei Feng to be a craftsman spirit!

in the National People’s Congress Lv Huarong eyes, foundation of artisan spirit established, from the post of the dedication and enthusiasm; establish the basis for more down-to-earth and pioneer of a new era of Lei Feng spirit. How to practice the new era of the spirit of Lei Feng, with "double"? In March 10th, the WCC reporter interviewed a number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, with their own stories, or they are around a fresh case, for the spirit of the times add vivid footnote.

Lv Huarong gives the first impression is simple. 18 years after the Sichuan home farm, and in 18 years Wenzhou iron suit, suits the ordinary ironing work carrying 2 pounds of iron, pay with their work at ease, as China "dagongmei" spokesman, one of the most down to earth people’s National People’s congress.

2009 "51" in recognition of activities, a total of 116 migrant workers obtained "51 labor medal", Lu Chen is the first city of Wenzhou who won the labor medal for migrant workers.   subsequently, she was elected to the National People’s congress.