every year in the summer, there are a variety show will always attract many people’s attention, especially some young people love to sing, this influence is the program is actually The Voice of China, but recently it has claimed The Voice of China but there are shady.

25 on the evening, there are users drying out 2 Zhang Naying in a good sound recording photos, said the program has been upgraded shady. Soon, there are entertainment Discipline Inspection Commission, the title of Wang Sicong forwarded the micro-blog, said the reality show was originally in accordance with the script to play ah, triggering hot friends.

Drying out in the


users are as follows:

"before I heard the good voice of this program is very black, a comment on the post editing, re recording, tutors may be transferred to other players who want to qualify for the program group, let who qualify for the   a bad, sing again. The beginning is not to believe, the results just finished, found that the heart of the moment to sing when Na Ying is straight hair is curly, really good psychedelic oh."

Wang Sicong for forwarding comments, users have a message: "not all people are like your husband so true." Discipline Committee you finally came to  !" "What is the big truth,  ?"

Some shady phenomenon for a


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