Panzhihua is a prefecture level city in Sichuan Province, although the economy has a certain degree of development since the reform and opening up, but in general, the development is still relatively slow. 2016 Panzhihua city public entrepreneurship innovation activities week officially launched in the city center. It is reported that the city from October 12th to 18, synchronized public entrepreneurship peoples innovation activities and the country, the Panzhihua Province, the "double week" is the theme of "the development of the new economy, the cultivation of new energy".

is a comprehensive propaganda and public entrepreneurship peoples innovation achievements, the whole society to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial dynamism, innovation and entrepreneurship activities will continue to deepen, provide new momentum for economic and social development, the city held the double week. From 12 to 18 days, my youth innovation and entrepreneurship salon, SYE rounds, send the policy to support the project to organize entrepreneurship training courses, to the enterprise, Panzhihua vanadium titanium technology incubator of science and technology innovation forum and other activities will always run through.

includes the relevant supporting policies, the service innovation of youth entrepreneurship youth entrepreneurship exists in the start of the difficulties and problems such as communication, financial institutions fund venture capital incubator youth entrepreneurship and innovation put forward opinions and suggestions, and mentors, young entrepreneurs representatives share their entrepreneurial story and participated in national and provincial innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition experience etc..

each place has its own local characteristics, in the tight combination of some of the country’s policy at the same time, focusing on local characteristics to develop their own economic strength, is a local development strategy. In yesterday’s "double week" exhibition, through public entrepreneurship peoples innovation achievements exhibition, innovation and entrepreneurship policy show, and the big screen playing my outstanding achievement in innovation and entrepreneurship, major activities, to enable the general public to further understand the relevant policies, to stimulate public enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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