Starbucks, Smith Barney, Wangfujing department store, and the hotel has quickly become the representative of the commercial WI-FI. The birth of commercial WI-FI based on user needs – the 2013 commercial WI-FI industry report shows that the average time of 46% of domestic users choose WI-FI networking, of which 44% of users have a serious dependence on WI-FI.

went into the cafe, retail businesses, large supermarkets, smart mobile devices consumers will often ask "have free WI-FI? What is the password?" Earlier research institutions have also shown that nearly 2/3 of respondents said free WI-FI will affect their choice of retail establishments. For businesses, free WI-FI in addition to attracting the role of passenger traffic, or businesses into the field of O2O important entrance.

WI-FI is an important entry into the merchant O2O

businesses by providing consumers with free WI-FI, establish a two-way exchange with the user’s online platform. On this platform, businesses can to store traffic statistics and analysis of customer purchase behavior, goods transit network had experience in the United States Chongqing exchange shop, learned after Smith Barney’s goal is big data, through the WI-FI store to collect the establishment of CRM, for the purchase of a habit of pushing information, thereby increasing user stickiness.

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