want to join the project, first of all to clear up the problem there are many, many, such as: what is the difference between the store and franchise? In the franchise system, there will always be two words: Direct stores and franchise stores. In the end this is the two kind of business model, what is the difference between them? To a chain of investors to join, only really understand this knowledge, select the project can be better oh.

Zhiyingdian, refers to the direct management by the Corporation of the chain, namely the company headquarters direct management, investment management, various retail stores operating form. Headquarters to take a deep mode of management, direct order to control all retail stores, retail stores must also fully accept the headquarters command.

stores, is refers to the organization of the service mark authorized to store, let franchise owners can use to join the headquarters of the image, brand and reputation in the consumer market to attract consumers. Join the shopkeeper in the business, the headquarter will experience itself to join the professor and assist the business, both parties shall sign the contract to join, join headquarters for joining different franchise owners to join gold deposit, and the right to receive payment.

The main features of


The main feature of

is that the ownership and management rights are centralized in the headquarters. All members of the enterprise must be a single owner, one company, a joint organization or individual of all, by the headquarters of centralized leadership, unified management, such as personnel, procurement, planning, advertising, accounting and management are centralized and unified. The implementation of a unified accounting system, the implementation of standardized management of the stores. This has the advantage that can be unified to mobilize funds, unified management strategy, unified development and use the whole career; in personnel training, the use of new technology product development and promotion, information and management modernization, to play the overall advantages. The disadvantage of this model is that the members of the shop have little autonomy, initiative, creativity and initiative are limited.


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