land in the market above the importance is self-evident, important lots of land prices are also very expensive! However, there are several criminals doing "cry up wine and sell vinegar", rampant illegal use of land. Below we together to understand, Bozhou illegal land 158 events.

2014 in August, the king of Zhou Ren Zhen Lixin county without approval, in the basic farmland in illegal housing, December 2014 Lixin County Public Security Bureau of agricultural land Zhou illegal occupation legislative case investigation, and by the Procuratorate approved the arrest of the zhou. In April this year, the relevant departments of the construction of illegal buildings to be demolished.

it is understood that this year, the city land department attaches great importance to the illegal use of land law enforcement inspection work, investigated 158 cases of illegal land use area of 240 acres, confiscated 3 million 50 thousand Yuan fines, demolition and confiscation of illegal buildings 139 thousand and 400 square meters, 50 people given party discipline. After careful rectification, the proportion of the city’s illegal land has been reduced to 1.63%, lower than the national Ministry of the red line developed by the three ministries.

The increase in

to deal with illegal land at the same time, I also actively explore the land saving and intensive use of new initiatives, abandoned land reclamation, construction of the mining sites linked to reserve base construction project, the city has been completed on 10580 acres of arable land, not only to protect the city construction land, but also the protection of arable land.

in the process of economic development, in the face of some illegal behavior, the relevant departments to actively investigate and punish, is very useful! This time, the increase in illegal land use investigation in Bozhou, the vast majority of the region will be vacant land to do more meaningful things.

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