investors are now busy with a variety of shops, clothing stores and restaurants, as well as children’s toys, etc.. How about opening a children’s toy store? Children’s toy market prospects? This issue has attracted the attention of investors. In order to help them make the right investment choices, here is a professional analysis of the situation.

1, 40% annual growth rate.

2013 census, China’s population aged 14 and below, accounting for about 223 million of China’s total population of about 16.4%. According to Euromonitor information consulting company statistics, Chinese toys and games market retail sales of 46 billion 300 million yuan by 2010, rising to 2013 689  billion yuan, the average annual growth rate of 14.2% and the impact of the financial crisis in Europe and the United States, China 50% export enterprises turn to the domestic market; 2013 plus two child policy the future is expected, China toy consumption growth rate will reach more than 40%.

2, 20 times   growth space

3, 20000 children’s consumer market

4, 300 billion children’s gift market

5, just need consumer market

and after the birth of a child, because the child’s fresh recommendation