what venture project risk is the lowest, the most profitable? Of course, this is a small business, a small business is basically to operate the main store. So, if you want to run a lingerie store, how to operate it? Small series for your weapon.

at the same time, one of the city’s largest women’s jewelry store beside the store he selected, a silver shop. In the same way with local rivals, sold several dresses and lingerie shop run, number and all zapai. Underwear store, is a second tier brand underwear store, the price of bra sets between 120 to 180 yuan, only to sell a brand of products, business is relatively light.

this year if anyone want to do underwear, underwear shop opened a family, and a close one. The lingerie store boss bad market, brand publicity, complain complain, complain about brand style too few employees are too poor, but seldom heard of the terminal shop boss find the reasons from their own body.

with better underwear terminal operators to chat, some people seem to have this consensus, the lingerie store to do is repeat, at the beginning of some months must do to lose money. I even heard a wood in Zhejiang with a friend to shop to spend three months the average monthly turnover of only 3000 yuan, the boss still feel confident in the future to win the local market share of 20%, his confidence and courage will undoubtedly make me admire, but his shop operation is I dare not compliment.

is better underwear shop owners are ready to go, but prepared down, three months is good, four months and five months is good, to sixth months is not money, you should hurry the hurry? I have a friend who is particularly cool, open shop to now three months to make money every month, and the turnover is more alarming. I managed to coax the beer filling a hat to bring her out. She asked the business secret, it summarizes the four words: "how much do".

card selection: or that sentence, women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, men fear into the wrong line, afraid of the wrong factory shop. Zhang said that this is the city’s middle and low concentration of consumption,