Article 1: a target

1, why are you poor, the first point is that you do not set the goal of becoming rich

2, what is your core purpose in life? The fundamental difference between a good man and a mediocre person is not talent or opportunity, but a lack of purpose.

3, one step ahead of the lead in the life of a big step: the successful start from the selected target

4, the man will never succeed Judkins type

5, if you want to be successful before the age of 30, you must be between 23 to 25 years old to establish your goals in life

6, every day, every month, every year to ask yourself: I have achieved their goals set

Second: two successful points

position, adjust state of mind, to sprint before the age of 30 successful

1, people fear into the wrong line: what is your core competitiveness?

2, successful looking for ways to find an excuse for losers

3, select your favorite

from the three hundred and sixty line

4, looking for their own treasure house

1, dissatisfaction with the status quo can become a millionaire

2, dare to dream, dare to dream, the world will always belong to the dreamer

3, 30 years old, do not be afraid, do not regret after the age of

4, born poor, not a lifetime of poor, as long as you always keep the enterprising heart. Most of China’s successful people come from small places

5, be a positive thinker

6, do not lose their own pessimistic

failed many times in life, and not to others, but lost to the pessimistic himself.

7, the winner is just to climb up more than