many women want to shop to do business, this idea is good. So what are the shops that are suitable for women? For this problem, Xiao Bian summed up for women to open fifteen stores, today we take a look at.

Fifteen store

Fifteen shop for women:

sewing shop

the clothing market of elderly clothing are scarce, and sold on the market of the clothing, the elderly are the most difficult to fit in. Therefore, in the rural home sewing shop open for farmers tailored or do some sewing work, business must be good. At present, the country has not made the bride’s dowry sewing machine, plus most of the rural young woman sewing work has been cooked, and many farmers worry about clothes for the broken zipper, split mouth problems without mending.

Fifteen shop for women:

motorcycle repair shop

motorcycle as one of the farmer’s main traffic tools, play an important role. However, due to poor road conditions in rural areas, motorcycle failure, loss of? Therefore, parts replacement and repair of high frequency. At present, many rural areas do not have a motorcycle repair shop, farmer’s motorcycle broke, have to repair the town, very inconvenient. Therefore, the opening of a motorcycle repair shop is to adapt to the situation, a matter of course. But in rural areas, the location of the maintenance shop, the key is, in general, to choose more in the village of motorcycles, or several villages near the center, in order to have enough market.

Fifteen shop for women:

Open swap shop, can make the city people and rural people benefit. In the rural second-hand goods business is more popular, the city residents out of household items, sold to the flea dealers too cheap, at home and occupy the place; farmers have enthusiasm for second-hand goods, from the hands of the old peddler to buy too expensive.