life will have this or that kind of mistakes, and the difference lies in the human, we can summarize the experience from mistakes, and can prevent the next step, efforts to make a success of the road. No matter what the industry is so, then what are the food and beverage often make mistakes?

1. followed the others

there are many bosses in catering to join, can be said to be relatively blind, people see a particularly good business, feel this is relatively easy to do, and then began to feel the parrot, you can also make a lot of money, and then began to blindly follow the trend, you have to open a shop like this, this not only can not make money, but lead to more intense competition, failure becomes inevitable, so do catering, not blindly follow the trend, to study first, determine the right business.

2. business to be flexible

some boss in the catering business in the process is too rigid, thought is the lamp of customers, this idea is wrong, the boss should have flexible thinking, especially to the stranger and familiar to a different approach, which is more capable of stable operation.

3. no feature


on their own boss restaurant are very confident, feel oneself get is good, the roots are did not show signs and specialties, this is actually a big business in several times, even if the dishes are similar, we prioritize, find a way to push the main characteristics.

4. management is not standardized

there are a lot of food boss feel that this is my shop, I can unbridled, I get what I want, even sometimes will let their relatives what to shop, there will be a result of family management, no process management will eventually lead to the failure of the restaurant business, so we must standardize in management, set up rules and regulations.

is more than a small series for the restaurant operators in the process of some operators often make mistakes, I hope to bring some help to the majority of investors.