no doubt, now people have a strict pursuit of quality of life, so that a variety of organic vegetables will naturally rise. However, the current organic vegetable shop business is not ideal, it is inevitable that some investors doubt. So, organic vegetable shop business is not good? Let me see small series of.

has a number of organic vegetable shops have been prosperous for some time, but a few months down, the business will be down, the money is not enough to pay rent. So, want to continue to profit, at present, the organic vegetable shop is more difficult. Why is this?

organic vegetable shop cost

The cost of producing "organic vegetables" by

is rather high.

first, the election is a very strict work, must be around no factories, no pollution, and irrigation water can be directly collected from the best reservoir; secondly, the land in hand, the first year of planting green manure, second years, third years to grow beans began to grow vegetables, this process is called "organic conversion" the original land residual components of pesticide and chemical fertilizer diluted.

third, in addition to basic infrastructure investment, labor expenses common vegetable production than the average high, because the weeding can not use pesticides, must be manually yicunyicun pull; the last one is the cost of certification, the State Environmental Protection Administration of China Organic Product Certification Center every year to carry out certification of organic vegetables the production base, the cost of up to several million. Integrated down, the retail price of organic vegetables at least 2 to 3 times higher than the average vegetable, the maximum can be as high as 7 to 8 times.

organic vegetable shop sales face difficulties

organic vegetables compared with ordinary vegetables, organic vegetables are packed in plastic film pollution, plastic film bonded organic food labeling specific; inside vegetables spread all across in confusion. According to the supermarket staff, due to the planting process of organic vegetables are natural, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, such as cabbage, outside most of the leaves are discarded in the packaging bag, leaving only a small part in the middle, so it looks very beautiful.

According to

reporter opinion, organic vegetables and most common vegetables in different places is the price: 24 yuan / kg, spinach, cabbage, cabbage 23 yuan / kg 25/ kg. Reporters observed in the supermarket found that although there are a lot of people in front of the organic vegetable counter stop, but mostly just take a look and put down, few people buy.

, according to a sales staff, said: organic food is a new thing, has not yet formed a consumer fashion, usually customers are mostly white-collar. Most consumers prefer to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables. This >