now choose to open shop investors are more and more, because it does not need the same huge investment as the store, and the time is free, so many people love, but business online is not a simple matter, here Xiaobian to introduce you four strokes, can not be less.

the first one: publicity.

1, post and top stick: I love my love also reply, after posting also did not forget to look at your shop, so we should pay attention to when posting Oh, must be on the first page of a good post, take a good position, the first page of the elite highest degree of concern, see, multiple posts, refining a pair of piercing eye, see the post must be the top, if more to become the best for a long time after a lot of top up.

Application of

2, praise: Buyers after the success of feedback, ha ha, to the other evaluation do not forget one thing Oh, sell your store in the evaluation of adding stuff, it can not guarantee, even foreign people say oh, but the best is actually good, after all. Can only be good for buyers to buy the rest assured that with the happy.

3, foreign propaganda: time to well-known website forums, issued Haotie is concerned, his shop also marked up, maybe there will be unexpected gains, of course, the premise is not in violation of the provisions of people’s website, or by letter then trouble oh.

second strokes: internal management.

1, baby Title: some people think that the baby on the title is not very important, it is completely mistaken, a lot of buyers to buy things by searching out, a good full title determines the probability of your baby is in the search, so be sure to have a comprehensive, well point the title, such as: "senior ladies pajamas pajamas leisure Home Furnishing listed promotional price, so they search in the ladies pajamas, " " " Home Furnishing pajamas, casual, hey, also in the " " listed, promotional price, wow, row " in the page, this is the opportunity to buy; also higher. Title is the most important. Make the most of these words.

2, the classification of goods can be classified clearly the best point, the baby category playing more, even if the baby inside classification for few people think you store things quite full, is very lively, there are a lot of buyers settle on one brand often rarely all to click on, it is very useful ha ha.