now, entrepreneurship is a very hot topic, today, Xiaobian also come to chat with you. There are many such situations in real life: some entrepreneurs are passionate, but also very capable, but is not to see what results, they are like five in falling clouds, blankly can not find the direction. Look at them all day long bustling about, from dawn to dusk, the efforts of others several times, but the results may be spinning in place even at a loss.

project from the global judgment

1. to determine the development of the industry in which you choose the project to determine. You can choose projects that are growing, the market has room for growth, and the prospects for your projects will be good. Into the stable period of the project is relatively safe, of course, the fee will be higher, more stringent requirements. Selection of the fierce competition in the industry, the enterprise should pay attention to the leader of the economic scale, the management system and the unique advantages.

2. clear project history and scale. Generally speaking, the longer the history of a project, the more it joined the chamber of Commerce, it is a more mature system; to create a larger project risk.

3. consulting professional. After a project, you can consult the relevant government agencies or industry organizations to listen to their views and judgments. This will be a lot of protection.

evaluation to join the main

1. clear the basic situation of the franchisee. The basic conditions include the trademark, the economic strength, the management team and its model, the number and location of the store, the prospect of development planning, etc..

2. visit existing franchisees. Are joining the franchisee to shop and the project will be more clear, listen to their views, so you can deepen the understanding of the project.

3. to join the main business philosophy is very important. You and the other party’s business philosophy and values of the more the same, your project will do more smoothly after.

assessment stores

1. evaluate store products and services. Entrepreneurs to observe the product, the service is not their own characteristics, the superiority of what. If necessary, but also to understand the cyclical characteristics of products and services, such as is not seasonal strong.

2. clear operating system situation. To understand the management mode, operation mode, advantage technology, sales skill, enterprise culture construction and so on.

3. know how to join the two sides profit