choose a comfortable home textiles to pay attention to what the problem, the details determine success or failure, then we look at the details of the problem. The next Xiaobian to introduce you is how to choose the most suitable for their own home textile brand, we go to see it.

product popularity

Looking for a high success rate of


must consider joining the company before joining, is not financially secure, but to try to observe several currently has joined in the stores, to see their business situation is not as profit such as total company publicity is good, because companies are usually interested in joining the band will only join the main watch relatively good performance of model shops, but it is not the heart of the franchisee or to personally run a few more, try to know the truth.

joined the company can not give you enough profit? Just look at the surface of the supply discount and exchange rate is not enough, there are many hidden items may not be able to see. Let’s take a rough account. You need to put about: rental shops (may require a one-time payment of 3 months or even half of the rent), shop decoration costs (one-time investment), capital goods (such as 40% purchase discount, so the retail value of over 100 thousand yuan of goods, you need to pay 40 thousand), staff wages, the monthly cost (the daily store water and electricity costs, taxes etc.).

supply is normal