2014 Tmall 11.11 shopping Carnival a total turnover of 57 billion 100 million, this is not only the business of carnival, Taobao is also the guests Carnival! Sichuan girl Xiao Yao, double eleven during the first try Taobao off promotion, did not expect this day to earn commissions over her one month’s salary in



"at the beginning of November, in the Internet to see a" 90 promotion form EXCEL, ten day earned 10W "article, was very seductive, immediately found Ali mother and registered Taobao guest" Xiao Yao said. But like many novice, the first contact with the promotion of the background, Xiao Yao also fortunately found her in time at a loss, Taobao customer forum, through the tutorials, Xiao Yao took an hour to learn the basic operation and promotion; in the forum found alliance will launch official EXCEL promotion table "Madden news"


until the November 4th alliance promotion official EXCEL form, Ma Xiao Yao will form upload to the cloud disk, and then spread in their own space and QQ group, forum, to No. 8 has been downloaded more than 300 times. "At that time stunned, but also let his double eleven with some expectations." Sure enough, orders on the 11 day ushered in the outbreak:


"in the beginning did not hold too much hope, because they do not know what, promotion according to some tutorials, but the number of orders for a ten day constantly refresh, really put me in shock, double 11 day, if you have to send some Taobao customers link out, basically a click the value of 1 yuan, the double eleven is really earn more than spend more than


Xiao Yao concluded that the following are the main points:

1, promotion as early as possible: in November 4th, after the official form, immediately do promotion, behind the push more people, after no one downloaded, and some forums will shield;

2, QQ group promotion: in addition to the precision of EXCEL, still buy a house owners group which share a home venue of the link; and also for some of the financial circle of QQ group recommended 11 Taobao double travel products (go), a lot of large orders from


3, mobilize the strength of friends and relatives: Xiao Yao through his classmates, relatives and other friends, one to one communication, and found a dozen relations good friends forward, greatly enhanced the form exposure;

4, through good service reputation aggregation: there are many first saw EXCEL table Q friend will be skeptical, but small Yao used in Taobao’s own shopping experience to say, teach these users a lot of practical skills, such as how to judge the credibility of the shop, how to select the most cost-effective product, how in the mobile phone Taobao shopping, Taobao Master these practical skills make a lot of friends of Q of Xiao Yao > grateful