secret new web site was quickly included in the secret that Baidu included new station issues, we should have a resonance on this issue, that is, to Baidu, difficult to collect, it is difficult to go to the blue sky. That is not to say that this blue sky we can not go up, no, in fact, to Baidu quickly included new sites, there are still know-how, the key is to understand the current Baidu algorithm. Here I have some views on Baidu algorithm, share with you. Although I have just made a lot of days, so far has not been included in Baidu, but also a new station, but after trying these methods, through the analysis of the IIS diaries, found that Baidu spider patronize more frequency. So I’m sure these methods are worth trying.

according to my experience, I will now try to publish the following methods: first, the domain name of the site, the domain name of the site must be consistent with the theme of the site, so that the use of Baidu to your standing reputation evaluation. If the early May the use 301 words to the PR value greater than 4 of the best site! Second, the website construction is completed quickly submitted to the website Baidu, Baidu submitted to the entrance of At the same time to the major search engines and directories is also the preferred method third, the content of the website, according to my experience, the construction site early not to search engine included from the Internet copy countless ", the best personal advice to write original articles. Baidu like fresh blood! In fact, other search engines are the same, the original articles for the search engine included the greatest value, so strongly recommend the original content. Fourth, soft Wen marketing. This is my main website promotion method. Fifth, often in Baidu search your name and domain name, so for Baidu related search element is very useful, easy to your station keywords remember. Sixth, often to the major forums and blog published some articles, and at the same time indicate you stand the link, so for Baidu included, also have great value. Seventh, the internal link strategy, links are divided into the chain and the chain, most of the SEO pay attention to the chain, the chain is not very concerned about, here I tell you, the chain is also very important. Reasonable outside the chain for Baidu easy to crawl along the chain of the web site of other pages. Eighth, external link strategy, website construction in the early stage, if the company station can send some money to buy PR value of the site of the link, this effect is very good, for the new station company station is conducive to Baidu included. Of course, if you don’t want to buy a link, you can try to make your website and high PR link, the PR value is 0 for the new station station is a bit difficult. Ninth, word-of-mouth marketing for the new friends, you can use the interpersonal relationship, find your friends to help you promote your station. Word of mouth marketing is also very useful, but a flow up, you are afraid that Baidu does not include you stand? Tenth, using collections, bookmarks, and RSS subscription. This approach is also very practical, you can find your friends, collect your station and subscribe to your rss. For example, if your friend uses Zhou Botong to subscribe to your station, so for hundred