website promotion and network marketing are inseparable from the soft Wen, and soft text promotion marketing has become one of the hottest, hand marketing methods. For soft writing, each marketer has been thinking about how to maximize the soft marketing, and get the best results. The soft writing inspiration is not often appear in the mind, especially marketing, write every day, sooner or later there will be a day of hope, so to find inspiration for writing are of particular importance to this thing. Because of the arrival of inspiration, the articles written definitely belong to the last ride. Today, the author of the soft writing inspiration to share three different ways to find.

finding inspiration in everyday life

many soft Wen writers are all day to the computer, almost isolated from the outside world. In addition to eating and sleeping, not facing the computer. The rest of the time is spent with the computer. This will lead to how to write, but also write the original theme, there is nothing new. Every day, the ink in his belly will dry up. Therefore, the author recommends into the reality of life for inspiration, because the reality is and complement each other, many wonderful ideas come from life to the network, and in the face of real life material, making it easier for readers to understand, not those too genteel dry text. Life is no small matter, everything can be written in an article, so as not to make their own writing run out of ammunition and food supplies. Tap into the beauty of everyday life and start your own thinking with this as a starting point.

for inspiration in conversation

This is the most recommended by

, the three heads are better than one Zhu Geliang, but everyone’s ideas are not the same, so a lot of the exchange, the answer came not? Talk, it is best not to peers, because peers, are bound by the the traditional thought. Is the so-called Standers-by see more than gamesters. By communicating with people from different walks of life, you can stimulate your creative inspiration appropriately. May also make several intimate friends! So, to pay attention to skills, with a very sincere talk with people, so that when people feel that you need his advice, naturally to analysis by his own point of view, so that they can combine their own ideas for sorting, inspiration will come soon. A good conversation man has many friends, each giving a suggestion so that he can give full play to his own thinking and enter a different writing space.

Looking for inspiration in the


is a bit exaggerated feeling, noisy noisy market all day, can’t calm down to think about, how to find inspiration? In fact, the market is the largest source of inspiration for the local market, because of the large flow of people, such as selling vegetables. When selling, the price, the freshness of the food, the color, the style, the variety and so on are all the concerns of the food shopping. Then, can you think about it for the sake of thinking and let your thinking slowly grow?