I’m not a webmaster. But now do a webmaster to do. How to do the site. Although not give yourself. But good. Learn. Not only for the others. The key is to play their own.

now I do the website is an online shopping. Don’t look small. But it is also a person doing. My mission is to do site optimization. The site click rate up to bring greater profits to the company. Just begin to contact the website optimization. I understand that is between micro and micro. Little can be said out of pity. We are not afraid of a joke. I even to search engine optimization this term I have heard at that time. At that time it was Zhang two monks confused. Good nonsense not say more. No longer describe I was swimming phase.

when do not know what to do. Then, landing a big Adsense website, understand the site optimization knowledge. All day and all global website optimization related forums. Learning and discuss some things. But some of the seniors feel benefited. Then follow them. Try to change the code, and actually connected. Never mind. Do not understand the code to find some optimization website source code. They put them on the head of the litle, Keywords, Description are copied down and stick to their own website on the head of the line. You must remember not to add too much words. That will cause the accumulation of keywords is a serious disadvantage of optimization I don’t understand. Don’t look good they do optimization how much? Ha ha. This is how I get really effective. Do not believe you can try. I really do not want to try all right when I didn’t say.

through website optimization this period of time, coupled with learning other people’s experience, summed up these points:

1 the site of the head (head) well. The title (litle) clearly not too general. Find some good optimization. Key words long tail word comparison (Keywords) also find some long tail word is good. But not too much, so as not to cause serious consequences. Keyword accumulation. Description (Description) not to learn too long. The best.

appropriate website.

2 optimize the site’s own code, as little as possible some errors, in order to facilitate spider crawler crawling.

more than 3 plus some internal connections, hundred benefits and harmless.

4 find some suitable sites to do friendship connection. Be search engine included fast,.

5 optimize website structure. Structure is clear for spider crawler crawling.

6 submits its Web site to yahoo.baidu,.Google and other search engines. Remember, don’t submit it to a lot of search engines. It’s best to.

7 try to submit your website.

to some web site navigation sites

8 enrich the content of the website. Make the information of the website as detailed as possible. It is better to have original.