has been doing industry websites for a while and now wants to talk about this experience:

keyword selection. It is important to choose a keyword that can not be too popular keywords such as: mechanical comparison of woodworking machinery and woodworking machinery in Beijing you can see the gap between how much, not too confident, if you choose the keyword is too popular, the search engine becomes a master like clouds before the pressure is relatively large. I’m afraid not so easy to do! This station Chinese woodworking machinery network, I updated daily news but not very good looking, I feel as the site already has a paradox, if you selected is too popular in the industry such as Home Furnishing news station, but it is difficult to find the ranking row up to the front, but if the choice is partial industry like cashmere information and spraying, you like this is not news to find, hey! Look at your choice!


site optimization optimization! Do keywords, first of all to the website of the title keyword discription title to the title of the site is the main site where it must be a reasonable set of keywords, Baidu keyword is 23, Google is 28 ballpark also said that

Baidu: 60 bytes.

Google: 66 bytes.

search: 66 characters.

YAHOO: 64 bytes.

Microsoft: 46 bytes.

114:45 characters.

Sogou: 56 characters.

has 56 characters.

search: 52 characters.

a Chinese characters takes two bytes to see everyone’s choice, 25-30 didn’t think the general program what problem (a I know! Don’t blame in this program, the main keyword best display slight skill before an expert HA) 2-3 times in the title, not too much, not a large number of repeated stack key words, too much. Baidu may think that you are suspected of cheating, be careful K, such as: woodworking machinery woodworking lathe milling machine woodworking woodworking machinery manufacturing cladding. Talk about keyword density! Keyword density is 3%-8% is suitable, uniform distribution, and Title Keyword discription. The best keywords are header and footer to search engine impression will be better.

links. Do Links grasp several points can be, with you related industries, the other link with your keywords, PR higher, it links less but are relatively high, there is the Internet, not unilateral link.

level is limited, there are written wrong place, please master correction, the main purpose is to study communication. Thank you for the program,