came to Admin5 last year, he was starting his own business. Also wrote an article, "poor boss" facing the company female staff car "embarrassed http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20070817/52691.shtml  "; also has quite a few friends and mine situation is same. When I came here again this year, I felt the vicissitudes of life.

I try, I always believe that the people who work hard will pay off, and now I still think so. Talk about the feelings of the year. Now the psychology is very messy, just remember the running account. Fellow workers, don’t be angry to see them. The editor sees and does not delete.

year, I basically did not go to bed before two in the morning, day and night in the website, do the operation.

then did the travel website, and did a very good job. I think the grass roots among the peers are outstanding. However, the flow is only flow, and did not bring anything positive to the revenue and profit. If I keep this website and earn a million a month as a career, I’ll do it all the time. Like everyone else, I’m a wild man, but my heart is wild. I’m running around looking for opportunities to be invested. It’s a long wait. I really need to be invested, bigger, or no money.

in the law of the jungle Internet competition, unless only to position themselves in to make a little money on the corner, or a head, is the competition. The capital operation of major tourism websites, I often feel that each step forward, the pressure increases. Finally, no financing, have their own to sell. There is little money, but it is a valuable pot of gold. It’s my new start. It took me almost a month to sell the station, and now I’m seeing the Admin5 forum doing business. I suggest you also do some big packing, sale and financing information. For more small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the convenience of the webmaster.

travel website, because can not see the realistic point, suitable for our profit point, so in a hurry to end.

later, received a two station, making the website and video website, (to avoid AD suspicion, do not say URL) in fact mainly in the video website, small crystal as head of the firm, the video site competition is great, we can only take the difference, the current mainstream are integrated video DV type, we are still in business, job recruitment mainly to video. Worked hard for half a year, and once returned to liberation. The video class cannot be done now. After the Internet audio-visual service management regulations, I think there is still the opportunity, but also the final effort in doing a good job in the website itself. Now everyone knows, waiting for the opportunity.

work, also each condition the body feels tired, many owners are the same, since that body is great, sick as a mountain down, lie down when a drip, only to feel the body not thinking, how much heart, the body is the best.