original plan, many original webmaster feel good time to display their talent, more happy every day more exciting to form a banging on the keyboard and a fresh and unique article. On the day of execution from the Baidu original plan started round every day to write articles, many webmasters have not found from the trace of the effect. Updated articles every day, although through the website log analysis has been crawling crawling spider, but is not released. This also forget it, can find their own articles have been collected, reproduced, not a moment has been included. What a pity! I just feel like I’m working on my keyboard every day. It seems to be more obvious than the direct collection of other people’s software. Instead, the effect is obvious,



Ok! Above is a small series, from the original Baidu plan implementation, responsible for a crown network personal site operations. You can see through the figure, Xiao Bian every day, original update 5 articles, every day will come up with an original article to contribute, after the submission of success, will be many webmaster reproduced share. Xiao Bian through the daily website log analysis, suddenly found that the original quality articles to contribute, the quality of their original article has been reduced. Small side to judge the high quality of the article, through the Baidu 220.181.108.*ip segment (Baidu spider right spiders) to define the low quality articles through the 123.125.71.*ip section of the Baidu spider (inferior article capture spider) defined. The first time I found this, I didn’t care so much, maybe it was an occasional mistake. It’s been like this for days on end, and I can’t believe it’s true. So ask one of my friends to try it. He tested it there, and that’s what happened. When found this situation, really make Xiaobian heart is cold.

Baidu original plan was originally in support of "acquisition" to combat the original source. Chilling ah, through the original submission of several successful articles for tracking, the majority of the reproduced did not respect the original, the original link was removed without a trace. Even worse, they shamelessly added their links. Write the content of the original author, the injury is no body skin. When his article was reprinted, has been Baidu search caused, collected all over the place are, but his own article but still don’t know where, still don’t know how long will it be released. When your article is released, it’s already rotten and no more junk.

original webmaster hard to write high quality article, but many webmasters do not respect the original author of the case of ruthless reprint, lead to the original author of high quality article, became a low quality article. It’s like an original. The author collects other people’s articles and updates them. Over time, low quality articles piled up a lot, and finally can not avoid being punished by Baidu. Original webmaster hard writing articles, not to good rankings, even if, >