I am a love people who love the Internet, website open speed faster, who have a good website design, I do not want to do before, is very simple, as long as there is time I get a good, until you really know that after the net station, in fact is to design, and have strong aesthetic values, the content is not very attractive, is not healthy. I am a man, I majored in computer system maintenance assembly sales, I got this layman friend’s advice, plus they have a little clever started my own idea of "what to do, in fact, friends have a very good website, do not need to spend a lot of time to write code, pictures and Web design, his website has a very good character, very easy, as long as you follow his instructions, the last step of the click of a button, a dozens of Web sites instantly, the website is very easy to use, and easy to learn, as long as you have the primary the computer can generate assembly site, no more than 1 hours (prepared under the condition of note: the web server and the web software sale, single software Free trial). But at first I didn’t see it because I didn’t know how much time and effort it needed to do it. I began to design their own website, I was engaged in computer maintenance, I need a website is not his type, I need the site as long as a page, as long as I grasp the unified website needs on a web page can be convenient for maintenance. Next, I’m going to make a sales website with my friend’s Web page. Sell some computer accessories, computer accessories all know water is not, if there is a so-called profits space, there is no conscience earn HeiXinQian, no guarantee of the quality of the hardware, I want to be an ordinary site, to the business for a long time will have the good faith, quality assurance, customer service is maintenance of products.

on the establishment of a website, I was not at all, with the computer network maintenance experience of my years, plus friends know on the side, together we overcome the router settings, remote login technology, not a long time to understand the website, domain name, server system, rent space, domain name registration and buy a domain name the cost of. To build a website, you need domain name, resolution server, server host and so on. First of all, I think of my website is built in the face of a convenient, easy to use all the same work with me, free use of the site, then I had to cut my spending in the economy, all small, can not use the money to buy not to spend money, many believe this and I like to have this idea of friends is that, the website opened on the money, but the money you spend to see where my website from the application domain to do DNS costs spent a total of 3 years, the other did not spend money, my friends and I together on the server software installation in an ordinary PC computer, install the relevant anti-virus, firewalls and other security software, my server is running in the XP state, that for many of you want to install Service > in the XP state