how to solve the user experience and advertising problems, this is the webmaster inevitable problem. The construction site, simply, is to create value, and value creation and indispensable users, can be said that the user is the creator of value, moreover, the most common way to create value for our customers is the webmaster to browse, click on the ads, but most users don’t want to do this is perhaps, no ads the user is the best website (here is the user experience, on the same site not of course advertising feel better), the conflict will appear here, how can we solve the problem of user experience and advertising.

advertising must be cast, the user must also retain, advertising is also small, users feel good, and that’s good, we will reduce advertising. Reduce advertising? That’s not a reduction. The ultimate solution to this paradox has emerged – creating the greatest value with minimal advertising.

ha ha, talked so much, or talked about how to put advertising problems up. Well, I’ll talk about some of the tips I’ve put in advertising. (Note: this technique is not for garbage stations, pop ads don’t recommend, garbage stations are forced ads!)

skills a, home advertising

home page is the user’s first impression of your website, the first impression is very important, the first impression determines the user’s return rate. Why do you say so, ha ha, think about it, if your first impression of a blind date is very bad, will T continue to contact you? Then you don’t want to make any progress with T. The home page advertising need to pay attention to several points: 1, page do not have windows media advertising, will block the page content, the index of the best content do not block, if there is a small can be taken into account; 2, the home do not have flashing eyes (image ads, flash flash can ah, but also not flashing, isn’t it!) 3, to fit; home advertising, advertising on the picture, generally feel better; 4, home to a small text ads, inserted into the content or near the late is money.

skills two, channel page advertising

channel page ads to see how strong your index is, in general circumstances, only pictures and text ads, the same attention, do not flash, hurt your eyes!


channel page is not important, you can put the Windows Media, but remember, the media covered the contents of the best window is less important, so the website in the layout of the time, the right to consider the (usually on the right side of the Windows Media). (home page, channel page, generally for small Adsense can not earn any money, unless put pop window, window media, if they can find advertisers is not the same)

skills three, content is also advertising

1, content pages, if the text, the text can put a map, graphics and text mixed, stressed that the picture does not cover the content, but also not too far away, click on the effect will be good.