1. Select the theme of the website

We use love to do the

polymerization purpose is to make some advertisement, then we should face the GoogleAdsence to establish the theme of the site, now what beauty station ah, entertainment station ah, advertising, click rate is low, advice choose the commercial nature of the subject, the nature of the industry, so content. This you should stand in the advertiser’s point of view to think, what kind of people need to rely on the industry alliance to promote their products, we will do what the station, the purpose is good, so click on the ads, or the point of income is high.

two. Baidu included questions:

now for the new station included Baidu, the webmaster is relatively clear, it is difficult to obtain the new station included and good ranking, but recently the large area K station is also got jittery, so in this place, we should pay attention to is:

1., Baidu included, please do not put any of the advertising union code.


industry spread put mother ad station, K will be possible, but for a still in the Baidu website, I don’t remember any advertising put (except Baidu alliance), it should be beneficial to Baidu’s included. But it really is not strictly proved, there is no facts to support the wise remark of an experienced person.

2., a lot of increase, site external connections, the higher the weight of the station, the better.


years old webmaster, general words should be hand inside can use some resources, such as a two high weight website, so you can connect to a new station at the top of the website, anyway, their stand lot led his new.

3. domain name selection

love polymerization system is very simple to station is a station to get traffic and advertising to make money, so the choice of the domain name has no strict meaning, so we do not recommend to use our system and go to register a new domain name to use. Our advice is to use a domain name that has been built. For example, a domain name, you have built an exam class website, but for a variety of reasons, it closed. But before Baidu and included this station, so now use love polymerization to do a test questions type of website, Baidu can quickly included. If you don’t have this domain name, you might want to spend some money buying a domain name used by someone else.

three. How can I make my love different

?How does

make our love aggregation interface look different? Here we offer some ideas for changing the interface for everyone

1. ad code use: our system is reserved a lot of advertising code, in the background code, the front desk will be able to display, and not JS calls, use this. We >