for investors who want to join the venture through the way, the right choice to join the brand can be said to stand on the shoulders of giants to achieve the dream of getting rich. In the chain of business, in the end how to make these choices? As a research and service in the field of franchise and for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to provide expert guidance services from a large number of venture investment to join the practice case for entrepreneurs to extract the following three steps for aspiring entrepreneurs to make reference the use of franchise system.

chain way to start a step, recognize their

1, a correct understanding of their own, along the way the heart.

"know yourself" seems to be simple and practical, and has long been regarded as one of the difficult propositions in the development of human beings by Greek philosophers. According to Liu Jack original course marketing theory of three-dimensional positioning theory, any brand in the promotion, must first establish an appropriate position, it may be in the back of the operation with half the effort. As an individual, it is not the case, no matter what you do, only to have a clear understanding of their own and accurate positioning, in order to maintain the complexity of the situation in the transformation of the initiative. Professional orientation, the university entrance exam for a job occupation orientation, married couples are choosing a way of life, and an important or less important decisions or choices, we need to be directed from their own reality. I believe that business management, business development, especially so.

pony across the river, who heard the story, but not everyone familiar with the story of the people are able to test their own water, like a pony. The old cow’s words are right, the water is very shallow, only to the calf only; the little squirrel’s words are also good, the water is very deep, not long ago just drowned my good friend…… The same thing in the eyes of different people will have different views and evaluation, even if they are right. Liu teacher Jack believes that after listening to these comments, we cannot simply be bidding and should regard the reality of the situation – their strengths and weaknesses and that those who control, see this kind of judgment is consistent with yourself in a large extent, from their own reality, to make the judgment and positioning on the. Only in this way, in order to make their own actual situation as the starting point to make the decision, is the most stable, the most rational, starting from the heart of the road will be more calm, more practical.

2, nature, the status quo, the future, consider clearly not wrong.

Liu Jack think, know yourself, first of all to their own interests, hobbies, quality, ability, etc. have a clear judgment and positioning. Is more interested in clothing, or on the wine more knowledgeable, have what training experience and experience, how their vision of the future, hope that their development in which field…… These factors >