the reason is very simple, shlf1314 monitoring system can monitor all account activity, and analysis to determine the use of system analysis software and service personnel, so the shlf1314 can be detected by their publisher delayed advertising, click on these still appears in the report, but does not produce income. However, shlf1314 warns that if advertisers try to increase their revenues by clicking on their ads, shlf1314 will close the account to protect advertisers’ interests.

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A few days before the

shlf1314 Adsense blog in the article: Accidents happen accident revealed that the AdSense publisher after it delayed their AdSense advertising, will not have to notify the shlf1314 customer service staff.

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shlf1314 Adsense provides as everyone knows, planning policy, advertising is not in any reason clicking on their own website advertising, based on this point, the AdSense service has received a lot of Mail reported that they intentionally or unintentionally according to their Adsense advertising. If you are one of them, so although shlf1314 will appreciate your account and keep good credit monitoring efforts, but shlf1314 suggests accidental clicks every time will send an email to shlf1314 customer service.

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