said: "I don’t know much about the business, but they are also important, including marketing, sales and management."."

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Sohu IT news July 17th evening news, Dropbox founder Drew – Houston Drew Houston business from the initial file storage, turned to a full range of storage platform, it has great potential for alternative hardware. In 2007, Dropbox was founded. Now Houston’s worth is estimated at $400 million.

in other words, Houston has gone through a lot, and here are some of his experiences:

is still in the company, you should have the following consciousness:

3, the first thing that enterprises have taken off is massive reading

‘s direct development of products in the first few years, and later expansion of the scale, became a priority in Houston. He said: "at first I wrote all the code, and then I didn’t write a single line.". What you used to do is less and less, less every day, and what you need to do is very bad at it."

developed the product, Houston itself produced a 3 minute demo video, first released on Hacker News, users reacted strongly. He was inspired and released on Digg and Reddit, and the response was great. Within one day, second videos reached the summit at Digg.

programmers, technology men, move a move will not die? Now most programmers rely on the company’s monthly salary income, we are busy all day long. If you quit your job suddenly, become an individual developer and die!

in fact, trees do not necessarily die, people do not necessarily move. When you move a tree, you cut off some leaves, protect its roots and move to a land suitable for its survival. It may grow better. Cutting off part of its leaves is to prevent water from evaporating; protecting the roots is the fastest way to keep the soil up, and choosing the right soil is the key to its survival.

Houston says: "there will always be the first line of code."." In fact, many startups start with code, starting with code writers. The vast majority of founders are technical experts, but they have to learn something else. Houston said: "you sit down and stand up to solve the problem, solve the problem, the result is very good, this is a pleasure. But the establishment of an enterprise and management of employees will not end."


2, the first Pro Pro marketing

said, "trees move dead, people move live."". Why does the tree die? Because if you fail to protect its roots and transplant it to another place, it will wither and die because of lack of water and nourishment; and why do you live without the root to absorb the nutrients and the rice from the mouth?. The old have no food in one place and change elsewhere. The shallow meaning of this sentence is so extended, is the people to know how to work, don’t stare at a place not to put, change idea, change tactics, maybe the situation is not the same.

they may not live but must see men.


when the business began to take off, Houston first read, read a lot. He said: "reading books will not let you become a good manager, just read a bengi.


hired you and, of course, needed your ability to create wealth for the company. But most of us pay the hard work for a small salary, and maybe we’re going to make hundreds of thousands of worth for the company, and we’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars a day. We have some of the hard work of the return, and a limited life, see the morning sun, evening look at the sunset, the world farther away from us, we like the ants busy, but the boss might still in Dongguan. If a little mistake, a mistake, scolded came to his face. There are those stupid colleagues, make you more upset. So, we have to use their brains to make money, self – sufficient, and then realize their ideals, win the marriage Bai Fumei, go to the peak of life, let those B praise: "never thought!"

question: why do you have extra income or become an independent personal developer,

1, entrepreneurship, do not do good things will be more and more

one, step on two boats,

recently, Houston accepted First Round Capital interview, he shared his hacker to CEO, from the design process to design the company’s course, he believes that this is a system construction process.

Houston said: "I just think that these people are the first to accept the user, where they might appear? Similar to Digg, Reddit is a huge source of traffic, where people love to try new technology."

all right. Don’t talk too much. Get to the point,


with the expansion of the company, Houston will be responsible for the creative department to others. He said: "we have to hire some smart people and get them to take over some of the things I’m going to do. Let me focus on something else and focus on other areas of the business."

has many individuals who can make money, but they don’t want to share their wealth. For an early individual developer or tech house, earning money depends on the company’s salary and can not escape the fate of being squeezed. Therefore, the establishment of this public account, is to make more new, new friends in this industry can get another part-time income. When your part-time income reaches a certain level, you estimate that you will sleep 12 hours like me every day, and then walk around and relax.