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today work at Chinese network veteran Xie Wen formally resigned from the IT industry to hexun, has brought a wave of shock waves.

It should be said that the development of

and is currently in good condition, why Xie Wen will suddenly leave? With these questions, the industry also has different views.

the first argument: and the performance had not reached the expected goals. Since 2000, it has been planning to go public, but the opportunity has been missed, especially by the financial sector, a financial network that is not as strong as it is. Xie Wen went to the news and network, it is estimated that the index is carried back, but although the content is well developed, the income did not come up, the board of directors will certainly have opinions, after all, profit is the first. This statement is widely circulated in the industry, and the confidence index is 70%.

second versions: Xie Wen and management team have different opinions on the website. One is Xie Wen, bad temper, the industry is well known, which CEOs do not have their own personality? Another is that the current and blog development has been rapid, may exist in the strategic development of differences, but what specific differences are not yet known. But it is certain that Xie Xie will not be able to comply with any differences in strategy development. The confidence index was 60%.

third versions: to the company or their own business. It should be said that Xie Wen to the possibility of a large company than their own business to be small, but not impossible, especially in this series of websites are listed in the United States, the opportunity is not paid, and the current network wind prevails, Xie exploration into a sum of money doing it is still a very big possibility. The confidence index was 50%.

Fourth versions: the expiration of the contract, for personal reasons. This is also in the public and to Xie Wen employees, but said " " for personal reasons; is all right, but is vague, like this kind of public relations industry subterfuge, see more, such as the financial sector CEO said the resignation of Ningjun " body " etc.. The confidence index was 0%



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published: 2008 02 month 22 days