he is an entrepreneur in the hearts of entrepreneurs, and Wang Shi and Liu Chuanzhi have praised him highly. "More than 80 years old, the heart is still unwilling."."


this is the "China entrepreneurs" a close-up, beautiful language, reading the horse brother are drunk.

, this is Zhu Shijian’s first word to me. His white hair, disheveled, sitting in the old leather sofa, I can clearly see his gray sweater into a piece of hair ball and dark blue trousers on the mud.

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he spoke slowly, with the ambiguities of the old and the dialect, and he needed to be careful of every word he said. That reminds me of the godfather Malone Brando played". Someone shouted also nobody wanted to hear a deep, ambiguous but the audience gathered.

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intensive gunfire, young Zhu Shijian requested the withdrawal order dead beat, every time urgent. But he is still wandering on the battlefield, one by one to open those bodies, there are people, but also countries

this is a restless man. In 2002, he organized a medical parole from prison. After his release started Chu orange, a dozen years, 2012, Chu orange in the popular. He’s 87 years old and can live for years, and he’s not sure. But as long as he lives, he can do something to make people look forward to.

I dark horse: he is the former chairman of the Hongta group. He was once known as the "Chinese tobacco king". His name is Zhu Shijian. In 1994, he was the national "ten greatest reform man of the year"". Seeing him rise high, see him feast guests, see his building collapsed. In 1999 he was sentenced to life imprisonment for graft and corruption.

from "Hongta mountain" to "Chu orange", as a rare, behind bars but also to stage a comeback through electricity supplier entrepreneurs seventy years of age, and the media interpretation, he has become an inspirational symbol, his life was sad and eliminating the dark part, has become the best chicken soup. The Zhu Shijian had to face the media spotlight, speak for "Chu orange". He gave the positive energy of people, but also "Chu orange" strength.

his words to Wang Shi were widely disseminated on the Internet through Wang Shi’s girlfriend, miss Tian Pujun.

this is Zhu Shijian’s success, but also his burden.

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"I’m resigned to it. I’m exhausted."." The 87 year old said.

"the heart is tired."."

"what do?" he is deaf and loud, I repeat.

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now, the media, to help docking the interview Vanke PR and Zhu Shijian dry daughter, Hongta group sent to record the life of Zhu Shijian, a cameraman to take care of his daily life staff, or standing or sitting, all listen to him.