Peng Jinjie would like to say here is: This module not only the user experience of major concern, operating in Shanghai also have a brilliant future of dragon aspect (PS: don’t talk to me about Shanghai dragon is do user experience, both of which are really relevant, but not equality).

mall site selection page can be said to be an important module of website of business, especially the platform type electricity supplier website (with a large number of goods to choose whether Taobao, MAC), Jingdong, or dream bazaar, square meter net, Amoy shoes network, such as vertical electricity supplier website, is as far as possible the perfection of a module, because it is related to a module of user experience.

1. must first develop good website attribute selection conditions, according to the electricity supplier website own circumstances, not to repeat them here, I think that the attribute selection page itself is from the user point of view of the Shanghai dragon is not good operation too much (of course, you can put forward their own proposals from the user point of view,


in view of this, I put forward the screening properties page optimization scheme.


operation purpose and function:

1. web pages, web site promotion, so as to enhance the overall weight of the site. No matter how to change the content of the website of Shanghai dragon, has always been an integral part of the website of Shanghai Longfeng, especially in the chain is increasingly reduced, the importance of the content is also grow with each passing day.

last year the Shanghai dragon in a business website, did some Shanghai Longfeng scheme, which is optimized on commodity attribute selection page.

3. key layout and page title rules. This is the priority among priorities, the number of pages included later in relation to the search engine keywords, also >


2. URL the corresponding rules. Here is the priority among priorities, attribute URL static, corresponding rules of what URL and its depth of hierarchy and so on, these are must be considered, because this is related to the problems included follow-up;

This is my website Operation method: );

2. by screening the new page keyword layout, enhance the number of website long tail keywords, so as to improve the site traffic.

operation is a medium-sized business website, but the content construction has been paid little attention, so the website is not high (no million), this is the result of: 1. web pages, less content, the overall weight is affected, so for all the keywords ranking web site are adverse; 2. web pages, from the corresponding search engine into the content of the site entrance is not much, it is also affected by the flow of Shanghai dragon.

The attribute