, a correlation between the keyword and the chain platformThe correlation between

keywords and chain platform is more easy to understand, it is said above to related sites outside the chain, the chain of this correlation is very high, in fact, we find that the website related to the hair of the chain, the weight given by the search engine, but also can attract people, guide people to click into our website, we can increase website traffic and orders.

in addition to the above two points, there is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er ignored, that is the relationship between keywords and content, in many forums can see some tea information of the posts written with keyword anchor text links these wedding photography, this obviously can be seen, the article is from the sea or fall in love with others the right hand left hand site copy paste up, and then force the insertion of several key words of optimization; but this effect is not good, perhaps the search engine will be considered junk posts, people think the best way is to search for keywords and related content, and through their own editing and then released, so the effect will be better.

three and keywords and content

today will tell us about the correlation of the chain on the surface of the problem, it is easy to understand, is their own optimization site with the chain website is a website of the same industry, for example, we are a tea mall site, we can set up some tea to tea related blog. Forum, catalogue of the hair of the chain, in fact, the correlation of the chain there are several points worthy of attention: Shanghai dragon Er

two, and the keywords sectionThere are many classification of

The correlation between

The correlation between

is three points above the gift tea set (贵族宝贝www>

in the eyes of many friends outside of the chain determines the keywords ranking, the more the chain for ranking the more advantages, in fact, as long as we earnestly to analyze people’s website will find this the chain is not only the quantity and quality of the size of the problem, including the correlation problem of the chain; it will find a lot of websites no one outside the chain, ranking is better than others, such as your site has 100 chain, 50 is relevant to our website, so we have 50% chain correlation; of course in addition to the chain that there are some other factors that influence keywords ranking.

forum, such as Xiamen more famous Xiamen fish nets, which will have a chat, job recruitment, computer application and other sections, when we send the chain to find the relevant forum to send, although sometimes obviously appear to do a link, but the manager found the readability of the article is very strong, may mercy; although a forum on the surface with no relation to their own website, but there is some relevant section, so the Shanghai dragon er not only need to find relevant keywords with their own website, still have some small mining forum related pages.