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we should be able to see my blog link of friendship more chaos, and not Shanghai Longfeng completely correlation Links blog, of course, Shanghai dragon blog link correlation of more than 50%, so here and we can affirm is related to Links blog promote ranking is absolutely valid, but non related Links are, but there is no complete correlation of Links rankings effect. Take this, and we summarize, friends of the chain can be related or non related, of course, a number of friends of the chain need to be controlled, the new blog Links needs to be controlled in a certain range, if the blog no PR or PR is less than 3, personal advice chain control in 25 below, this is not only conducive to ranking is more advantageous to the site overall weight lifting.

Beijing Shanghai dragon copy and not making specific site planning, the article is written as part of the article, but also students, Hu Peibin, Zhu Weikun, Zhou Yannan, Lu Yuhua, Du Qian, Li hope, the students, so that the whole site article have 100 articles, articles of course is the original, the students also learn the experience of Shanghai dragon.

in Beijing to build Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Vedio blog at the beginning, and the fat man (Beijing Shanghai dragon fat blog) said that he and Beijing Shanghai dragon race ranking, see how long can the Beijing Shanghai Dragon up to do things, because the company has been busy, occasionally write original articles, writing is also part of the article students, the unexpected is less than a half of Beijing Shanghai dragon ranking to fourth, following the operation process of all share, finally will also summarize the Shanghai dragon blog ranking core point.

This blog


Shanghai has grown from a dragon has entered the era of another era, the concept of the master of Shanghai dragon has been localized to the 3.0S, then as the Shanghai dragon we also need to change the strategy of personal blog every day and students are students not timely comments, will click on my blog.

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initially used Shanghai dragon ask.hgjcw贵族宝贝 two domain name to do a blog, the blog or later changed overall level domain name, and the original Shanghai dragon ask.hgjcw贵族宝贝 made 301, about 1 months into the 301. So now the blog is open source WordPress, did not do any treatment, looking for a good template, find the basic plug-in, set up the blog. After the column positioning is added into the news source of Internet comment, now the only 2, due to personal busy, so not too much to write about the Internet articles, or occasionally to participate in sootoo on sootoo.