two, website content quality

do Google keyword ranking, according to PR is not wrong, but it is not referring to sex in Shanghai PR too many aspects of the situation. Because the update rate of PR is relatively slow, the general cycle of three months, when the general change Links main reference each other’s love Shanghai included and YAHOO back links. To see whether there is a site into high weight, and more external links and their website content is better. Remember that if your site anchor text keywords, but not on

, a keyword appearsIf the

whether new or old station, there is only the best original site. Of course, the original is not so good to get, no original can also false original, avoid being repeatedly reproduced the contents of the contents of this much will make the search engine that website is a collection station, no real content. Can also be collected, but suggest that collecting those Q & a community, such as the question and answer, the content inside the users are asked questions, absolutely original. The independence is a content, meaning that a page of their content and also the content of an article not more than 70% repeat. Here the repeatability refers to the frequency of each word, which is the principle of latent semantic indexing. Websites are updated regularly, the best is updated every day. The content of each page on the keywords, must have the correlation.

is Google search engine ranking then in the domain which contains keywords is more advantageous, while Shanghai ranked it the sex has little effect. "The title keyword appears inside the impact is relatively large, I think that everyone should know. But there is not title keyword ranking is good, there does not appear to have title keywords ranking, search Changsha cases: Shanghai dragon ranked first in Guangzhou is the Shanghai dragon Xiao Jun blog. This is because the content and did cause the keyword Changsha Shanghai dragon, not specific analysis, case analysis in front of the Xiao Jun blog has written a. Keywords front, weight gain is more favorable, and the alt attribute contains H1 and H2 tags, which appear keywords. Links do anchor text is your target keywords will be more favorable. The most important point is that in front of these factors must occur naturally in their own web pages, rather than deliberately interspersed, attention must be paid to the nature.

The position of

three, external links and external anchor text

keyword ranking is every webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel think, rapid ascension just said than ordinary not to modify any website and adding some search engines love for the elements. Fast, doesn’t mean it will soon go up, Shanghai dragon is a long process, the need to accumulate time, not now to learn some knowledge of Shanghai dragon immediately go up, just say do better. What nonsense is not to say, the following began to analysis.