home chain should not be too much

navigation bar don’t appear "junk" pages

for the chain home, we need to spend a lot of time to consider, home to ensure that spiders can crawl to the site of the page at all levels through the home, but also more dispersed weight. To appear on the home page, but not our optimization object page, to give shielding, don’t let the weight loss to those pages.

breadcrumb navigation should give full consideration to the anchor text

The construction of

crumbs website will use "this 2 word home page" as the anchor text oriented home, actually this is not right, because the word is not the words we want to do, we should be the key word to do website as the anchor text chain the home, which is very helpful to the ranking of keywords.

Many people believe that

home is among the highest weight station, so we can use it to do the core keywords, if your website contains the chain too much, it will lead to the first page of the weight is too much scattered, leading to do to improve keyword rankings.


in recent years, Shanghai love becomes more and more humane, it is on the site internal structure requirements are increasingly high, and now you want to make your site in Shanghai have good keywords ranking, in addition to a chain of strong support, but also must have perfect internal structure. Famous personage Wang Tong also said before, the chain chain is more important than even now.

web site within the chain, not only consider the spider crawling, but also highlight the important level of the web page, while also taking into account the keywords ranking. In the process of construction of the website in the chain so in some places can not be ignored:

there are a lot of people put the introduction, contact, some companies and so on our honor like this page in the navigation bar, the purpose is to let users know more about our website, which caused a great waste of weight, because the focus of these pages is not our optimization, the object is not even our optimization. Such an important place in the navigation bar to put these pages, is not.

in addition, the main keywords bread crumbs, any one of the anchor text should use corresponding page to do to do, this is the opposite of the most efficient use of bread crumbs.

almost every website to know what to do but bread and bread crumbs, not all sites are doing very well. A good bread should give full consideration to the anchor text.

navigation bar is a place where most users click on the navigation bar, the weight of the pages are very high, the weight is almost next to the home page, so must we need to do optimization of the important page in the navigation bar, don’t put some "trash" page of wasted weight.