3, the chain depth: in some good to do outside the chain, we want to do, do, here I also take the blog to say, many of my friends will be sent.


often in some forums, there is a friend and I QQ asked me: the chain is in a good place, or in some places do? This is actually a lot of people should know, we should do the chain in different places, but in fact a lot of Shanghai Longfeng friends often always in that several forums to do outside the chain, it is today, tomorrow is so, so also came along, here I sincerely hope that we can cultivate the habit of analysis, go to different places to do outside the chain.

correlation is very important, if you are the wedding photography industry, and your Links all game, obviously this is not good, but the user experience is very bad, the correlation is a very important principle of love Shanghai ranking algorithm, this is caused by the majority of owners hope pay attention to the.

chain we need to understand three points: relevance, breadth and depth of the chain chain

1, correlation: the chain we do as far as possible consistent with our site type (with my blog, my blog is mainly about website optimization, web promotion, Internet marketing knowledge, so Wang Lei would go to webmaster forum, network promotion, network marketing forum forum to do outside the chain


how to do outside the chain, first we should understand the difference between the chain and the chain effective:

for Shanghai dragon friends, we all want to do the chain is effective outside the chain, don’t want to do some useful work, but in fact each person Shanghai dragon will inevitably do some futile in the chain, here we can only try to avoid doing some useless, so how to avoid

2 and the breadth of the chain: as much as possible to do the chain in more places, feel this is like a person to vote, you cast a vote is tiny, but when 100 people, 10000 people will give you cast a vote, it is obviously not the same.

for Shanghai dragon friends have had this experience: the chain do a lot, why can the chain included so little, here in front of a chain is what we call the mass outside the chain, after a collection of the chain is the chain.

in Shanghai Longfeng this road, I saw a lot of friends in the chain and trouble, we all know that the chain for Shanghai dragon in proportion, possibly because of some outside the chain, the site has been implicated (not included page snapshot not update, etc.), meet this kind of problem. The Shanghai Dragon veterans know how to handle, but for the novice and engaged in the Shanghai dragon is not a long time friend may be at a loss, do not know what to do next, here to share with you some heart and skill of the chain to the author.