site early when we must write the original article and ensures the quality of the article, not too much to release the duplication of information, maybe just at the beginning of the website will be faster, but over a period of time after the search engine will be updated before repetition rate included page with a delete, it will affect the website weight the The loss outweighs the gain..

, a new collection of information easy to get ranked

when the site of the initial 1-3 months after the website snapshot into the next snapshot or snapshot, this is the force of the time, the chain of this is the most effective way for us to get high weight and span to obtain one way, all must be or will be punished. How can and high weight website Links that this is better. This is why a lot of people to buy the high weight website links. The website raising weight single to do must be more channels to do user experience in the station of the quality and external links construction.


this is very simple, we do search engine optimization every day doing the same thing so that update regularly, so that to obtain the weight of the website. The weight of the website is to raise like our own child. Any small action will cause search engines right down, dangerous, such as website early, if too radical a day outside the chain too much lead site have indigestion, the baby is so say we eat on the line if too much will cause indigestion. At the beginning of the website optimization and search engine that is in dealing with the first is to obtain the trust of search engine, the early station is to update frequency to follow up, the chain do less.

two, weight high website information easier to obtain ranking

mid site is raised, do not need a lot of information, but the information must have a value consistent with the user experience is the needs of the user class.

changes in the ranking in the search engine keywords are often do, this is every webmaster friends are often seen, but should rank change factors are what? Today by IDSEM network marketing Hu Peibin to analyze keywords ranking factors to everyone, we often do soft Wen will find a situation that is, we write a original article after multiple platform publishing rankings are not the same, weight high website ranking will be in front, the new information will be included in front, this is a summary of the author’s experience points,

maintenance, website information is not only to optimize the site.

Journal of information


so here we do Shanghai Longfeng SEO friends must pay attention to the following two points. First, right to raise up to second sites, Journal of information

1, how to raise the weight of the