3, PV website, to explain what is PV, the so-called PV means, after a user to enter the site, to stay longer, the more page views, brought to the site of VP is also higher, the amount of PV can be observed whether users love your site, if the amount of a PV a website is very high, proved very popular with users. The search engine according to the PV of a web site to adjust the search engine ranking Shanghai dragon, since the love of high PV content sites, so we see a lot of webmaster software through the brush flow rush into danger, and the amount of pv.

1, the quality of the article, this is a hard, a little, is the most worry of the first, to write the essay writing is not easy, need to find a theme, need to have good writing skills, usually a good article was born a few hours, or even one or two days out and modify. Second, a good article is not necessarily to be appreciated, so to speak, when publishing a good article to a new blog, in the blog no awareness of the situation, the article did not appreciated. Third, facing serious piracy, managed to write an article, but the results of human piracy, pirated articles are all included, and we write their own articles but not included. Fourth, the quality of the play is not timely, a good article should be recognized the need for a process, and this process may be very long.

through personal speculation, the proportion of the quality is probably 20%, website update 20%, website website pv20%, 20% time, 20% other factors, of course, this is just a guess I just may be related to the fact that.

4, website time, this is what we often say, because the old website is very popular, the domain name longer, the search engine will give a higher weight, usually some of the old site ranking is very good, because the site is already several years old website. Like the famous "stone" is the best example, from a few years ago has not updated, and now the ranking is still very good, because the site accumulated weight is very high in a few years ago, even if not update, ranking will remain for a long time, will not easily fall.

2, website update, update the site has several difficulties, first, the time is not enough, most of the webmaster are amateur practitioners, the time is updated, no time will not update. Second, the update is not stable, today updated three articles, tomorrow may just update an article, and the day after tomorrow may not be updated. Third, persistent, and if allowed, it is best to update every day. Fourth, the number of articles, updated every day a day and update three articles, the effect is completely different, we can do is that as much as possible every day update.

search engine ranking Shanghai dragon is based on what we cannot fathom, in addition to specific, their own search engines, no one can believe that, although not understand the details of the basis, but we can speculate about a.

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