In fact, we can

upfront investment part of the money to do outside the chain, we can use the pig these types of tasks issued to find some help us release the chain of friends, we can set up the chain in a community forum released a website we fell in love with the sea beenincluded gave many commissions, I believe this still a lot of people do but the effect is certainly not bad so we may wish to try the webmaster.

soft effect

owners have a lot of love to visit some Adsense blog, we can see some of the more famous and some Adsense blog messages this many are released some sites outside the chain, this also increases the external links on the site is also a good method to access the forum and blog a lot more we have to leave your footprints so slowly the chain will accumulate.

three, the celebrity blog message

is also a good gift now as long as the webmaster will use soft to get the chain fast, soft effect is never out of the webmaster > dance


now the webmaster every day around the Shanghai dragon optimization to spin, adhere to adhere to the original content website updated website external links and the promotion of the increase, but the efficiency is relatively slow, so today then a "new site of teaching: eight website user experience is king" to talk about how to get powerful website external links.

now increase the chain method, if one has counted almost dozens or even more to promote the technique of chain, today we will talk about the chain promotion and good effect of several common.

had not at that time the community stationmaster net exchange Links is very difficult, there are now so many large webmaster community for novice stationmaster exchange Links is a very convenient thing, we can go to exchange links section within the community to find a suitable site to exchange links remember, exchange links must have the same type of Web site snapshots and included are more appropriate, the snapshot time is best not more than 7 days included page is certainly better.

There are a lot of

two, Links exchange

four, task type chain

Now every webmaster will go to

, a forum for personal signature


Chinaz, the laggards, stationmaster net these relatively large webmaster forum to browse, since every day we will go into the community and will see post replies, so we can get their own personal account signature above plus our website main keywords and web site, see a good the original post and some time just released the near post and then behind the thread reply will be included, so the spiders and grab your URL and keyword included in the content of the post at the same time, this method is the simplest method to improve the chain effect is quite good.