two, web design optimization


want to "doing wonderful, the content must be rich, but don’t put all the content on a page, the total size of the page should be controlled. First, the statistics of each page elements, such as text, image, ActiveX or Java code and HTML text size, page capacity best below 50K.

is so simple!

site open speed is a very important user experience evaluation standards, of course, there are many reasons why the opening speed of the impact site, such as server problems, such as procedural issues and so on, in this paper, I mainly analysis and not all external factors, which is in the process of website design, the internal factors to achieve the ultimate speed up the website open speed,

1, "the size of the content of

search engine optimization speed of the open web page: 2 seconds! Including web content text, pictures, video, products such as a Flash file. We have a web page access time formula: "open time = page size / minimum bandwidth + time + * number of each analytical analysis server processing time + client parse time. Users are most satisfied with the open web time is under 2 seconds. The user can bear the longest median waiting time between 6-8 seconds. That is to say, 8 seconds is a critical value, if your site open speed in 8 seconds or more, then it is likely that most visitors will eventually be away from you.

"refers to the optimization design, the use of" elements, to minimize the impact of page elements generated download speed. The details of our understanding, is in the daily web pages can be avoided.

(2) HTML labeled ". Whether we write or view other HTML code, HTML code will find the label is not standardized. Some markers have, but did not interfere with the correct execution of the code. But it takes time to judge the browser and calculation of paragraph or list where the end of the project. So, we must make the marking assignments, do not make the HTML code format specification, can speed up page display speed.

, how to judge a web page open speed

(1) using the same layer presentation layer completely separated in Web pages. Is the layout using CSS instead of TABLE. It can not only replace the presentation layer of professional junk code such as labels. But also can make your website in the reconstruction and can easily achieve. A number of years of research have confirmed that if the rewrite of a web site, use DIV+CSS layout to replace the table layout, you can cut half the size of the original XHMTL document.

2, the total size of the

1, let "conforms to the W3C standard

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