4, title the last part contains the enterprise brand name, make the website more with the Internet image.

1, title content can ensure the title concise and comprehensive, the basic integrity of the contents are displayed in the search results, will not appear keywords truncation phenomenon;

through the pictures, we can find that the product category page paisan network partition is very detailed, a large class of products have a small classification. Is a precise look using Title model. This is written in title, very accurate, not the content of confusion, which is its advantage; but it also has a small flaw, that is when a user searches for a related products, but also search for another product, such as "website + website optimization", may to search information is one of them, the user is likely to ignore one of them. Therefore, some web page classification in the first layer of title, enter the product of the high frequency keywords search. For example, in this case, the input will be "> in the products and services of the first page of title

optimization, for a novice, can be said to be the start is the most difficult, before has not contacted the Shanghai dragon whole optimization, the novice can completely do not know what operate on the site. Today Xiaobian to paisan network of its official website as an example, from the website of the title tag writing this one to introduce the website of Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization of the starting point, so that we can on Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion have a preliminary understanding.

read the next page, we look at the classification page, such as the classification of products and services:

through the above we can see that the information content of the home page title is to firmly grasp the core. The search engine spiders crawl on it is very favorable.

How to do Some core words in




2, the title is used frequently in the information service related search keywords user search and the company. For example, "professional website construction", "Ningbo Network Company", "Ningbo site optimization promotion" these words are popular words associated with the "optimization" of website construction, almost a declarative statement contains can think of commonly used words;


first paisan network official website home page under a label:



3, title statement is smooth, more easy to let customers click into