2: internal links change:

heimao Shanghai dragon is to buy the chain a lot or a lot of low quality of the chain, but the site itself quality is not high, this kind of behavior is generally found in the search engine will be punished, light is at the drop, while ranking disappear even by the K station, a lot of people will say if it was so simple that K station directly to the rival group the low quality of the chain, competitors will be K station.

is believed to have met this kind of situation, is the keyword page and page is same, but the page ranking than home to be high, the reason is that, in the web page or other pages, more of a link appears is equivalent to tell search engines this link is very important, it will make the search engine misjudgment, this is caused by the changes of

solution: originality and relevance to increase the content of the web site, not much hair of the chain, but step by step, a little bit of hair in relation to the stability of the chain, let the chain site of natural growth, and not change radically, in the search engine Webmaster Platform shield low quality chain.

1:heimao Shanghai Longfeng punished:

a lot of people in the establishment of the website will give added random articles, so that search engine spiders can quickly grab more links to your site included the amount of promotion.

is a most simple example, your site navigation page, navigation page keywords heat is high, and the ranking is very good, in the first or second, you suddenly want to guide home and other places.

this idea is wrong, because the search engine punishment is very humane, for example, you have a lot of the chain, let the search engine think that your website is very popular to help users, so the impression of search engine on your web site will be good, and will give you a "good". Of course, this is not good by the webmaster tools can be found in the "weights", only those estimates on your website traffic, and a lot of you send the chain search engine recognition, these will give you the chain of "good" back, cause your ranking all fell down to the search engine right place.

in the chain

if you change a random article, but a dramatic change is equivalent to directly tell the search engines the link is not important, leading to the original good ranking may reduce some.

a lot of new friends in Shanghai Longfeng do tend to ignore many details, resulting in keyword ranking is not good or large fluctuations, today in the first page of keywords for second days, and can not find the reason, in fact, this situation has several points.

in fact, this approach is not desirable, as long as the search engine can grab the link will put the link record web content on the server, the quality of determination of content is not particularly low, over a period of time will be included in display, do not need to set up random articles.