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for example, Sephora cosmetics mall network:


to write this article, the purpose is to answer a reader Borner blog Yanwu Lang, said Xu Lang with share how to optimize target keywords in the article.



speaking in front of the keyword method to determine the target, then we talk about how to emphasize the key. We assume that our optimization is a common web page, the article page or product page. So in order to make the search engine and users to understand what we really want to in the article recommended to them what, we must have the following three principles.

first, an important position, we need to focus on the optimization of the key word to appear. The important position generally refers to the title page, the title of the article, then the small title, "description meta, the alt attribute on pictures, links to the article link text and so on, we need to focus on key words we write in it, but it is best to write a little other irrelevant keywords >

makeup makeup 贵族宝贝sephora.cn/showProductAction/2_10.html

Take optimizationThe front page of

Benefit brand Benefit Benefit page, 贵族宝贝sephora.cn/showBrandAction/benefit/261_6.html

from Yanwu Ichiro problem that Yanwu Ichiro has good keyword awareness, understanding of each article can be used to optimize several key words a few key.

What is the key

BENEFIT Benefit Dr feelgood 贵族宝贝sephora.cn/productDetailAction/1271.html

in the article to emphasize the keyword

of each site need to assault many keywords, industry hot words, hot words, also has a long tail word not hot, different pages of the web site to undertake key different optimization goals, home to popular keywords, column page to hot words, such as some sub sectors, is the hot topic page the word in order to optimize the recent industry unexpected things, hot words about our department to optimize the website of its own brand, while the single article pages, often is the optimization of a long tail word, the long tail word may be a specific product name, or a knowledge of phrase or phrase.

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